Point Blank By: Anothony Horowitz

Presentation By: Maggie Aguilar


The book point Blank takes place in the snow mountain Alps in France at Point Blank Academy. Point Blank Academy takes in sons of the super-rich and that have been expelled from their other schools. The academy turns these boys into someone new

Main Character

The main character of Point Blank if Alex Rider. Alex Rider is a 14 year old spy that works for Britain's secret service called MI6. Alex must go under cover as the son of Sir David Friend , who owns one of the top supermarkets in the world. Alex's new identity is "Alex Friend" , a super rich and rebellious boy who has been sent to Point Blank from being kicked out of Eton High School.


Alex rider has to find the connections between the two deaths of Michael J. Monroe and General Major Viktor Ivanov. To do so Alex must go to Point Blank and see how those two deaths come together. The only thing standing in his way is Dr. Greif and his assistant Mrs. Stellenbosch.

Rising Action A

Alex skips his classes and starts exploring around the academy. Alex then tries to get to the third and forth floors that Dr. Grief keeps top secret. He thinks of a plan to get to these floors by crawling up the fireplace in the main lobby. After he reaches the top to the third floor and spied on Dr. Grief and his one of his assistants and discovers their plan, The Gemini Project.

Rising Action B

Alex finds Michael Monroe's son, Paul in the basement of the academy. And Alex found the link between the two deaths of Paul's father and General Ivamov. But what he unravels t isn't so appealing. Alex finding out isn't good for his cause, even more so that he exposed who he really is....


Alex calls for backup and the MI6 come and get him. Once Alex had gathered a team to go back to Point Blank, they rescue the students there. When the mission is over Alex goes back to being a normal school boy, but what he finds out when he gets back home in England, there will be a surprise waiting for him.