Mount Rushmore

By Elizabeth Hoff

Mount Rushmore's History

Mount Rushmore is a huge and beautiful monument to the founders of our country. Actually, over 90% of it was carved with dynamite. The project began in 1927 and ended in 1941. The idea to create the presidents' faces in the Black Hills was that of Gutzon Burglum. He also created the monument. They used 400 workers to remove 450,000 tons of rock. The monument was in a movie in 1959.

More on Mount Rushmore

Climate of Mount Rushmore Area

In the Mount Rushmore area, the days are warm and the nights are cool during summertime, but July and August are usually hotter. In the winter, temperatures are moderate, but occasionally dip below zero. In the summer there are afternoon thunderstorms which can cause hail or fog sometimes. From fall through late spring, snow is a possibility.

Association with Native Americans

Mount Rushmore is associated with the Native Americans because of it's history. Before we took over the area, the Black Hills was a sacred place to the Native Americans that lived there. We kicked them out and then decided to carve OUR presidents' faces in THEIR sacred hills.

Fascinating Facts of Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore was decided on to be the site for the grand sculpture by the sculptors on their second visit to the black hills. Also, each president's head had it's own dedication. When Gutzon Borglum died in March 1941, his son Lincoln had to oversee the final touches on the project. Washington's nose is one foot longer than all the rest of the presidents.

Activities and events of Mount Rushmore

At 6 pm, on July 3rd, they hold the Junior Ranger Ceremony and the POW Missing Man Ceremony. They also have a United States Air Force Academy Band concert and the United States Air Force Academy Falconer preform the night before our Independence Day. At 10:30am on the Fourth of July they will have the Presidential Reenactors and at 9:00pm the traditional Evening Lighting Ceremony is held on our Indecency Day. On normal days besides July 4th, Mount Rushmore's main attraction is simply to view the monument. However, there are art museums in the surrounding area.