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Men's guide on after dyeing hair care

Step by step, hair dyeing becomes popular among guys. More and more men dye their hair, especially when first gray strands start to appear. Finding a new hair color is an excellent opportunity to refresh your style and add a drop of fashion to an everyday image. Moreover, you can choose one of the Fashion Haircuts for Men of spring 2016 and try it with a new color. Don’t be afraid to experiment, because it is always interesting; though, there are some must-do things, after hair dyeing you should be aware of. Check out our useful tips for every man.

Tip #1 Don`t hurry

It is necessary to wait 48 hours after hair coloring before you can wash your hair. After applying, chemicals in your hair still need some time to secure. Only after 48 hours your hair will turn to appropriate shade. Even if you want to shampoo your hair so badly, don’t do that. Shampoo and, what is even worse - deep conditioner, can ruin the structure of your hair dye and make the whole hair look dull and boring.

Tip #2 Hot is not always good

After 48 hour restriction, you can wash your hair, but there are still some peculiarities. It is better to use lukewarm or cold (as it is possible) water while showering. Hot water strips the color from your hair and leads to the dim and dry locks. Cold water, in contrary, helps in sealing the cuticles, so you avoid split ends and your hair color will stay intact. In future, just remember that warm water always has a destructive effect on your hair color, so try to wash your head in as cold water as you can.

Tip #3 Minimize the usage of heating styling tools

It is well-known fact that different heating tools like curling irons and flatirons cause a lot of damage to your hair. Moreover, such tools harm your colored strands even more. Frequent usage of them leads to stripped color, dry and weak hair, and split ends. If you have no other choice but to use a blow dryer, switch it on a cool setting. In the case of using other heating tools, use a special spray, which protects your strands and color from pernicious effect of the heat.

Now, you know basic rules of dyeing hair routine. Pick your favorite color and add it to one of the huge variety of Fashion Haircuts for Men and you will get absolutely new and stunning look for yourself.

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