22-23 SMHS Cheer Weekly Preview


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Last Week in the Knight's Realm

V Squad 9/9/22 Fall Assembly!
Love watching our kiddos in action!!


MONDAY 09/12/2022

  • BOOSTER/Parent Meeting in the Cafe @ 6:00PM

TUESDAY 09/13/2022

  • Senior Bio Pics Due!

WEDNESDAY 09/14/2022


THURSDAY 09/15/2022


FRIDAY 09/16/2022

  • JV AWAY GAME vs. LCC @4:30PM Bus Leaves @ 2:30PM
  • V AWAY GAME vs. LCC @7:15PM Bus Leaves @ 5:30PM

SATURDAY 09/17/2022



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Join the Band!!


The month of September is the 9th month of the Gregorian calendar, but it is also a period of great transition. In September the last days of Summer are spent and the cool Autumn season begins. With the changing leaves and lower temperatures, the autumn equinox takes place. September is also home to many national and international holidays, including, Independence Day, National Grandparents' Day, Mexico's Independence Day and the beginning of Oktoberfest in Germany.

The two zodiac signs associated with the month of September are Virgo and Libra. People born from September 1st to September 22nd are members of the Virgo sign. As one of the zodiac's most understanding and caring signs, a Virgo can be easily spotted by their innate compassion. For those born from September 23rd to September 30th, they are members of the Libra sign. Those born under the Libra sign can be identified by their organized and harmony-driven personalities.


Brea R. 9/07

Baye U. 9/07

Gabe C. 09/11

Kirra 09/11


Gaby L. 09/12

Bree H. 09/14


Brooke B. 9/05

Competition Team Tryouts!! 09/19/22 and 9/23/22

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PLEASE VISIT www.smhscheer.com under TRYOUTS tab for more information!!

MANDATORY COMP CHOREO 10/19-10/20 @ 3:30PM-8:30PM

SUNDAY-10/16 WASC Visit Cheer Performance

THE following is in effect and will be strictly enforced


  • If you leave practice early: You will sit out for the same amount of time you leave early and collectively this can add up over time.

  • If one practice is missed= Verbal explanation of violation, warning against future consequence and cheerleader will show up at the next scheduled game in full uniform and sit out a portion of a game with her/his coach. However long will be up to discretion from the coach.

  • If two practices are missed= Verbal explanation of violation, warning against future consequence and cheerleader will show up at the next scheduled game in full uniform and will sit out the entire game and meet with the athlete and parent to discuss disciplinary action, probation, and action plan.

  • Continuous absences will result in removal from the program. Please do not commit to our team if you can not attend practice regularly

SMHS CHEER SPOTLIGHT: Aubrey Mindlin-Varsity

Aubrey is a senior member of the varsity cheer team and this will be her third year in the SMHS cheer program. Here are some interesting things to know about our girl Aubrey:

Favorite color: Sage Green

Favorite food: Probably any type of breakfast food (pancakes, waffles, burritos, bagels, etc.)

Hobbies: Going to the Beach, hanging out with friends, and reading.

Favorite sport(s): Gymnastics

Someone I look up to is my cousin @kateweis and my mom because they both have done so many inspiring things in the world and have always been by my side to support me.

Accolades/Awards: Math Student of the Year 21-22 and Most Improved/Dedicated Award for Cheer and Gymnastics.

When I grow up I want to do something that has to do with Business Management and that is constantly working with people.

Two words that describe you: Social and Dedicated


Kaitlyn is a sophomore member of the junior varsity cheer team and this will be her second year in the SMHS cheer program. Here are some interesting things to know about our girl Kaitlyn:

Favorite color: Pink

Favorite food: Tacos

Hobbies: Hula dancing, learning about cultures, horseback riding, traveling to Kauai, trying to surf, and shopping.

Favorite sport(s): Cheer and football

Who is someone you look up to most? I look up to my mom

Award(s)/Accolade(s): Citizenship Award at SEMS and Visual Arts Award in elementary school

Two words that describe me: happy and caring

SMHS CHEER SPOTLIGHT: Samantha Cota-Freshman

Samantha is a freshman member of the freshman cheer team and this will be her first year in the SMHS cheer program. Here are some interesting things to know about our girl Samantha:

Favorite color: Pink

Favorite food: Watermelon

Hobbies: Cheerleading

Favorite sport(s): Baseball and football

Who is someone you look up to most? I look up to my dad because he helps me with so much and also my mom because she is hard working.

When I grow up I would like to be a Marine Biologist

Two words that describe me: Nice and Funny

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Start Your Own Sparkle Squad

At just 15 years old, Sarah Cronk started the nation’s first ever inclusive cheerleading team at her high school in Bettendorf, Iowa. The Spartan Sparkles squad of Pleasant Valley High School includes students with disabilities and cheers alongside the varsity squad during football and basketball games.

In 2009—one year after organizing the Spartan Sparkles—Sarah created The Sparkle Effect, an organization that provides students with resources to build and lead their own inclusive cheerleading or dance team. In its four years of existence, The Sparkle Effect has generated more than 110 squads in middle schools, high schools and colleges across the country.

Since founding the organization, Sarah has earned numerous awards and honors for her efforts to create opportunities for students with disabilities. Most recently, she was awarded the Peace First Prize, which honors young people with the courage to create lasting change. She was also selected for the World of Children Award, which honors real-life heroes working to improve the lives of children.

We talked to Sarah to get the scoop on how you can create your own Sparkle Effect team in your community. So if you have a passion to make cheerleading or dance an accessible sport to everyone, follow Sarah’s 11 simple steps to make it happen!

1. Establish your core group of cheerleaders.
This group will serve as the foundation of your program. Choose students who are hard-working, reliable and comfortable working with those with disabilities. Select one or two captains to run practices and communicate with team members, parents and school administration.

2. Find an adult to support and advise you.
Your cheer coach may seem like the obvious choice, but you can also reach out to parents, teachers and school counselors. Your advisor must be committed to the program and agree to attend all meetings and supervise the team at practices and games.

3. Discuss the framework of your squad.

Your core group of cheerleaders and adult advisor should meet to decide on the size of the squad, the age-range for your participants, the location and times of practices, and at which games your team will cheer. It’s best to start with a small inclusive team. Then you can expand your program as it becomes successful.

4. Get the green light from your school administration.
Meet with your school administrators—don’t forget the athletic director—and clearly communicate the purpose and goals of your program. Keep an open mind and be willing to compromise.

5. Create promotional materials.
Design flyers and brochures describing your new team. Include the date and time of your first informational meeting so potential participants can learn more about the team before deciding to join.

6. Spread the word!
Let everyone know about your awesome new team! Post flyers at schools and local businesses, ask your school to send out a special email, and contact local papers and TV stations. Remember that word-of-mouth promotion is simple but goes a long way. You never know who might be aware of someone that would make a great participant, so spread the word!

7. Choose your uniforms.
Uniforms are what identify you as a cheerleader, but buying new ones can be expensive. Figure out what your team will wear and how it will be funded. The Sparkle Effect has partnered with Varsity to provide uniform grants and has already outfitted more than 65% of its new teams, so check out their grant application online.

8. Hold an informational meeting.

Here you should explain the details of your program to interested participants and their parents. Type everything out so they can review the information and make the decision that’s best for them. Your squad won’t be the right fit for everyone, so don’t worry if not everyone signs up. Your job is to provide as much information as possible and answer any questions.

9. Practice time!

Now that your school is on board and you have your team set, it’s time to hit the practice mat. Start practicing approximately six weeks before your first game or performance. Sarah suggests scheduling practice twice a week for about an hour. Remember, safety comes first! Be attentive and add new skills slowly and carefully. Always use mats and proper spotting on stunts and tumbling. You might be eager to teach new skills, but keep in mind that your friendship is what makes this experience so valuable. Stay positive, be patient and have FUN!

10. Flaunt it!

You’ve put a lot of work into this, and it’s finally your time to SPARKLE! Before each game, allow adequate time for your squad to warm up and become familiar with the crowd and environment. Game day is full of distractions, so keep the focus on your teammates and ensuring their safety. It’s a great idea to have your peer coaches buddy up with participants.

11. Share your success!
Your vision and hard work has turned into a reality, and now that your program is a success, everyone will want to know more about it. Ask your school to include a team picture in the sports program and yearbook. Continue to talk to local papers and TV stations about your success, and contact The Sparkle Effect to be added to their roster and receive ongoing support. Creating a Sparkle Effect squad is an incredible and rewarding experience for everyone involved, so share your story with the other schools in your area so they can do the same!


Hey There Knight Cheer Fam!

Welcome to the start of week 5! We have an upcoming parent/booster meeting on Monday 9/12/22 in the SMHS Cafeteria so lots of information will be shared then. FNL this week was nothing short of exciting! Freshies travelled to Oside while JV and V cheered at home. The rainy game schedule was surely a night to remember. It is times like Friday night that remind me why I love coaching cheer! It was very evident that all team members were having a BLAST! I too enjoyed bonding with the group during the downpour:) Humidity and all, memories were made. There were so many great moments throughout the evening but my most favorite came while I was sitting in the Cheer Room soaked. My "dogs were barking(Kirra)" and then I heard our very own Kennedy G(JV) say, more than once, "This is the best day of my life!" At that moment I was grateful to have been a tiny part of the best day of her life:) Well said Kennedy!

Competition Cheer Team Tryouts are here!! Please see the above flyer for more information.

Our next big fundraiser is Cheer with a Knight on 10/13. Please reach out to Booster Co-President Jami Hainey and VP of Fundraising Jen Aldrich if you are able to volunteer with this event! jamihainey@yahoo.com jenthebrat@aol.com

Warm up jackets should be arriving any time now as well.

If you have not joined the BAND yet, please do so as soon as possible! The Band APP is officially our new mode of communication.

Looking forward to a great week!!

Remember to Keep it Classy and GOOOOO KNIGHTS!!