A Croc Waiting for True Love

By: Trevor Croc O'dile

About Me

My name is Trevor. I am a four-legged reptilian hunk. Some call me a cold-blooded crook. They are just jealous of me. I am actually a warm-hearted croc. You can ask my friends about me. They will say that I do not tease others and I am a good friend. If a friend or family member needs help, I will always be there for them. I am also as tough as my scaly skin. I once fended of a pack of predators from my future nieces and nephews on my own. Also, I am the top swimmer in my class. My teachers say that I should go to the Olympics.

My True Love

In a woman, I look for someone that is strong-willed and will do anything to protect her children, such as a tiger. Mrrow! I just the love the beautiful black stripes across its body. Being with this four-legged, fury beast would make my life complete. She would also have to be kind and caring to everyone. She should be able to comfort me and our future children whenever we are feeling down and we will do the same for her. With her “warm blood” and warm heart, this tiger would complete my life puzzle.

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Contact Info

Please, if you feel like you fit the description above and want a piece of this, contact me with the information bellow.