What's Happening in Biology

Week of 11/17-11/21


Last week in Biology, our schedule got all sorts of rearranged! We ended up not having the ASPIRE test and so we finished our notes on Tuesday instead of Thursday. So with the change of last week, it caused this week to change as well.

Today in class we worked together to start creating an interactive study tool for reviewing photosynthesis and cellular respiration. They also received their paper review today that they can go over, but will not be taken for a grade. Tomorrow we will be working with the interactive and again taking questions to clarify any misconceptions the students might have.

Wednesday we are testing over photosynthesis and cellular respiration.

Thursday we start our introduction into DNA. Thursday and Friday we will be working on filling in a chart on scientists who are influential in the discovery of the structure of the DNA. We will finish working on that assignment on Friday as well.

Since next week is a short week - the game plan is to take notes on DNA structure on Monday and then creating a model of DNA on Tuesday before break.

Have a great week and thanksgiving break!

Mrs. Weiss