The Outsiders

S.E. Hinton


Ponyboy Curtis knows of two different kinds of people. The Socs, who live on the rich side of town and can have anything they want, and the greasers, who live on the poorer side of town and don't get all of those privliges. The only ones whom he can trust are the members to his gang, his friends and older brothers. In a fight with just Ponyboy, and his friend Johnny, it's them against four Socs. Johnny kills one of the Socs, and Ponyboy and Johnny must run away or else they will get caught by the police.

What happens when one of your friends has killed someone?

The Characters


"Though I usually prefer science fiction and fantasy, reading The Outsiders was a phenomenal experience."

-Teen Ink

"It's truly a classic and deserves the praise it's gotten over the years."

-Amazon Reviews

"This book sums up perfectly the predicament of the young, not only in the 60's but also in the succeeding years and decades."

-The Guardian

Where does this story take place?

The setting is based off of the author's hometown where she lived during her high school years in 1965. They live on the wrong side of the tracks, where all of the poor people live.
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S.E. Hinton

Susan Eloise Hinton, or S.E. Hinton was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma during 1950. She began writing the outsiders when she was only 15, and the writing and editing took over a year to finish, being published in 1967. The publisher for the book believed that the book would have been more credible if her name was abbreviated to her initials, S.E. Although she wasn't a member of any gangs, she had many friends that were involved in greaser gangs. Some of her other works are That Was Then, This is Now (1971), Rumble Fish (1975), Tex (1979), and Taming the Star Runner (1988). She currently lives with her husband, David Inhofe, whom she married in 1970.
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