4th Grade Data Digs 9/8/15

Takeaways, Plus & Deltas



  1. Create weekly common assessments together
  2. Each teacher has a way to spiral each TEKS
  3. Incorporate the lowest TEKS with Problem of the Day with a prior mini lesson
  4. 3 Weeks Common Assessment this Friday, Mr. Pizarro has it.
  5. Make sure to include money as a representation of decimals with money and fractions. Include it also as part of Problem of the Day.
  6. Use the activity that Mr. Tamarez suggested: give two pie charts for students, one divided in hundredths and another in tenths. Students get a number and represent it in both pie charts.


  1. Incorporate vocabulary with prefixes, and sufix.
  2. Engagement with students (vocabulary bunco)
  3. Incorporate strategic vocabulary and inferencing in Do Now activities aligned with test


Process - How work gets done, manage & evaluated.
  • Structure of the meeting
  • Timing
  • Data Analysis

Relationships - How people relate to each other and their work.

  • I enjoyed the ability to take out data and improve on results
  • Planning common assessments to guide better instruction

Results - Accomplish the goal

  • We accomplished narrowing down what is it that we need to concentrate on reading to help scholars early in the year.
  • We successfully discussed the data from individual classrooms and we were able to come up with strategies to improve our delivery for our students.
  • I like how we talked about the needs of the students and the article
  • Productive meeting, especially in small groups


Process - How work gets done, manage & evaluated.
  • How will small groups look like in Math?
  • What will students be doing?
  • Planning more effective small group
  • I feel that we could talk for hours about data but feel a little rushed with time
  • Provide accurate information on how to teach certain TEKS

Relationships - How people relate to each other and their work.

Results - Accomplish the goal

  • More talk about the specific lessons that are going to be introduced to students not mastering the TEKS either through whole group / small group.
  • The time goes by so quickly. Wish we had more time for data digging.

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