Alyssa Gutierrez

Fill in the blank

The ________________ girl likes to wear bright, gaudy clothes so that people look at her.
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1. Attention-getting in a vulgar way; tawdry or tacky

2. Insincere; based on pretense or deception


First Definition

1. Gaudy

2. Garish

3. Showy

Second Definition

1. Sham

2. Fraudulent

3. Deceitful


First Definition

1. Modest

2. Dull

3. Normal

Second Definition

1. Trustworthy

2. Sincere

3. Genuine


From VCR: "merere" - to earn, to deserve, to merir


"mereri" - be hired

"meretric" - prostitute

Another Defintion

This is the original Latin definition, but it is now an archaic meaning: pertaining to or characteristic of a prostitute.

Meretricious People (definition 1)

Frequent with American celebrities.

Meretricious Stores (definition 2)

Many online stores are scams, and many flea markets in Asia sell fake designer brands.
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Choose the sentence in which the word is used INCORRECTLY.

1.When Amanda ordered her dress from a meretricious website, it arrived 2 weeks late in the wrong size, and the company refused to refund her.

2. Party-goers in The Great Gatsby are often meretricious, dancing wildly among the chaos and spotlights.

3. Haley likes to wear meretricious outfits because she hates being the center of attention.

4. Some celebrities are so desperate to be noticed that they resort to a meretricious appearance and behavior.




Sentence 3 is incorrect because it is using an antonym. Meretricious would mean that Haley loves being the center of attention, not hates.