Team Pratapas Monthly Newsletter

dream, believe & succeed!!!

Good morning Team!

November was fantastic!!

Many of you pushed yourself with booking blitzes, sharing the opportunity of Thirty-One and really getting excited about what is to come. Be proud of what you have accomplished so far in 2014 and look forward to your goals for 2015. Whether Thirty-One is just a hobby for you or if it’s the way you pay your car payment or even if you want this to be your full-time career, we all must plan!

Take time to really decide what goals you have for your business and then write down the steps you need to take in order to make that happen. Then, share that with someone...your family, a friend, ME!!!

I hope you were able to get in all of your orders on the 10th so that they could be guaranteed Christmas delivery to you and your customers!

Don't forget you still have 4 days left to earn one of the Ready, Set, Sell kits. Don't miss out on this as they are filled with some amazing products for you to show beginning Dec 30th once the Spring catalog goes live!! So exciting!

And have you checked TOT ( lately? So full of great information, training, marketing materials, announcements from home office, etc...It is YOUR GO TO! If you miss last nights announcement be sure you watch the video on TOT where you will find all the details. The best is coming ladies! Take time out to make this all you want it to be!

For those that are aware of the new happenings here are some thoughts on the announcement as I share from my heart...

Here's what I can tell you from earlier yesterday on my upper leader call...Cindy was very clear that she was looking for a way to expand our product line but keep it personal and giftable. She said our company growth is amazing and we have had 10 years straight of incredible growth...not very common in direct sales. This is just another way to help us to continue to grow stronger. This product which is talked about in the video is very much in line with our current products because it's "personal". This is not costume jewelry, it's personalized jewelry and select piece at that. The jewelry tells a story. It's about more than just a bracelet.. very similar to our bags being more than a bag. I think this opens many doors for our brand to allow additional "giftable" products in the future plus, it allows us to reach a whole new group of customers and hostesses which I trust... will all fall in line with the Thirty-One brand.

I trust Cindy and Scott that they will do qualify checks and it will be up to our amazing 31 standards. Our customers that love and trust the 31 brand will love something new that is still personal. They will love it for themselves, or for someone they know as a gift! I promise!!!! Also, the mission of Jewel Kade is also very much in line with Cindy's mission. That may be the most important part of all of this. Cindy is following her heart and the mission of 31. I am positive there was a lot of prayer involved. I think it's going to be wonderful!! It's okay to have mixed emotions...I understand that part...but remember to trust an amazing woman (Cindy), and a very strong company that is ALWAYS looking out for our best interests. With the new Jewell by Thirty-One purses and the Jk by Thirty-One accessories our customers and hostesses are truly going to have a one stop shop experience!

The picture below is from the JK website and speaks volumes about their company mission...I want to be apart of that!!!

Our "Laser Focus" NOW should be to touch base with your January hostesses maybe send them a cute Redstamp and let them know how super excited you are to ring in the New Year with their friends. With the January special, the Benjamin Wallet will have your customers drooling! :)

I'd love to hear from you anytime about successes, struggles or questions so reach out to me! Let's chat!

As always, join our team Facebook group to have access to your Thirty-One sisters when you need encouragement or have questions or just looking for a great idea!

Hugs, Success & Happy Holidays!

Charlotte Pratapas, Your Director & ED

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Welcome to our team!!!

As you embark on a new journey keep an open mind. You never know what could be until you try, waste no opportunity.

Leading Ladies...

Top Party Girl goes to Lori Starling for holding 10 parties!!! Awesome Job!!! And her teammates on Facebook found her the perfect vehicle for all her deliveries. LOL

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New Promotion

Congratulations to Angela Munsie on her promotion to Sr. Consultant!

How do you promote to Sr. Consultant?

Simply recruit 2 new members on your team and help them to get qualified. Sponsoring comes when you offer the Thirty-One gift...the true gift of freedom! $300 extra a month is HUGE for people, and you never know who is out their needing this financial freedom until you share your passion and open that door for others to see.

How do you get someone qualified?

By encouraging & helping your new members to book and hold 4 parties. This will set them up to get to their first $1000 in personal volume plus, your guidance will keep them on track to EARN their Start Swell Levels full of amazing products that will continue to help their business grow. See for Start Swell Details.

Who will be our next director?

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