Bathroom Kleenex

You know you need it, that bathroom kleneex

The Problem

Students do not always have access to Kleenex. Not all teachers have it in their room, and sometimes students need a good nose blowin' during passing time. Rather than having to use coarse paper towel, there should be Kleenex available for students to use.

Our Solution

We are going to place Kleenex boxes in many of the school bathrooms. These tissues will then be available for anyone that needs them.

Data Collection

Students will be asked pre-experiment questions on the need for kleenex. They will then be asked questions about any noticed success/failure of the experiment. Also, the kleenex boxes will be measured daily for the distance between the top of the tissue pile and the top of the box.


We want to create a school where students don't have to worry about what may of may not be dripping from their face.


Having a lack of Kleenex causes stress, strife, and sadness. Students continually have to worry about if they will be able to blow their nose after a sneeze. This should not be an issue.
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