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Week of April 11, 2016

Thomas D. Gregg 2015-2016 Goals

ISTEP ELA: 60.00%

ISTEP Math: 60.00%

IREAD 3: 61.00%

Attendance: 96%

OSS: - 20%

BE THERE! Dates and Times to put in the Calendar

Workday- 8:30am - 4:00pm

Supervision Spots by 8:35am and 3:40pm

Lesson Plan due by 8:30am each Monday

Apr. 11 - ISTEP+ Intervention Plans Continues
Apr. 12 - PLC in the DATA Room
Apr. 14 - Act Out Program

Apr. 14 - Teacher Town Hall (see SPED staff if interested)

Apr. 18 - May 6 - ISTEP+ Testing Part 2

Apr. 20 - Staff meeting

If you have any dates or events that you would like to include on the Bulldog News please send them to Mr. Pippin.

IN THE KNOW! Information to Plan By....

PLC's: Will Be on Tuesday 4.12.2016.

This week grades K-2 will look at reading growth from Jan. to Mar. The majority of the PLC will be spent updating the reading level wall. Please remember to bring a copy of your students' most recent reading level! Grades 3-6 will focus on the ELA portion of the ISTEP+ intervention plan. Please bring ALL resources that you have been using during your intervention block to analyze during PLC. Please be on time!

NEW PIVOT Groups will start this week. This weeks focus will be Checking for Understanding. Copies of the PIVOT form will be emailed to you. Remember to turn in your completed PIVOT forms to Ms. Stockton. This is a required activity.

Please plan to attend the Act Out Program on 4.14.2016.

We will not be canceling tutoring or ReadUp for this event. Please plan accordingly for students that may be pulled during this event to attend their scheduled intervention. The convocation times are as follows:

3-6: 9:20- 9:50am

Prek-2: 10:10- 11:00am

Interested in having Junior Achievement come in your classroom on June 3rd?

IPS Event Day- Volunteers from the business community will come and present 5 lessons from 9:30- 3:30. If you are interested, please fill out the following Goggle Form:


Substitute Plans: Please be prepared for your students when you are out of the building. Leaving lesson plans that can actually be followed by a substitute is just the beginning of pulling of a successful day of learning when your not here. Be sure to have copies of the student work arranged in an easy and rational order. Additionally, make sure that you have an updated class list printed and included in your sub folder as well as important numbers the substitute may need. You also need to include your classroom behavior plan so that the substitute can continue to follow your management plan. This is the expectation for absences.

Emergency classwork: Emergencies happen to all of us. Please be proactive in your planning for missing work. Your students are coming regardless if you are here. Each teacher must have prepared substitute plans, in addition to emergency packets of student work in the event that students have to be split. You need to plan for 2 days of work packets at minimum. The packets should be robust enough to keep the student engaged in meaningful work for the entire school day. The packets should be easy to locate and clearly labeled. This is a professional expectation.

Hallway Showcase Competition: Hallways need vibrant, colorful and thoughtful displays of our students work. Here is your chance to show your creative spirits and win some cool stuff for you and and your students. Every classroom already has to decorate the hallway, so let make it competitive! Come up with creative and unique ways to showcase student work and have the chance to win BIG! I want to see our hallways filled more student work than ever.
Who: Every Classroom and Learning Lab Teacher
What: Hallway Showcase Challenge
When: Judging will be 4.21.2016 (every staff member will get to vote)
Where: Hallway and Bulletin Boards
Prize: The winning teacher receives a Fitbit Flex and a Field trip of their choice (reasonably priced) for the class paid for by Mr. Pippin.

Work hours: Please plan to arrive for work on time. The work day begins at 8:30 A.M. I would suggest checking local traffic reports in the morning to help you navigate any potential delays. Tardiness stresses the school resources and causes disruptions to school day.

Duty Expectations: Everyone has a duty in the morning and in the afternoon. It is imperative that we are all at our assigned posts during these times. In the morning this means that you need to be on post at 8:35 and in the afternoon at 3:40. Supervision of the students is compromised when staff are not at their duty post. I recently passed out duty assignments at a stand up meeting. If you need another copy please see me.

Students are not to be placed in the hallway as a means of discipline. Students in the hallway are without supervision and this is not allowed. As outlined in the staff book, please follow the House Behavior Plan and utilize buddy rooms. If a student needs to be sent to Ms. Jenkins, the teacher must complete a transmittal form.

Hallway Expectations: Teachers need to make sure students are following expectations. If your class is not meeting expectations prior to leaving the classroom, they will not change their behavior in the hallway.

Dismissal: Students should not be in the hallway during dismissal unattended.

Staff Meeting Minutes 4.6.16

Staff Meeting Minutes

April 6, 2016

Mr. Pippin (Celebrations)

· We currently have two students in 2nd grade reading at a Z level!

· 2nd graders are more prepared to pass IREAD this year than they were last year.

· Last year we had 139 students who had missed more than 18 school days. As of February, we only had 30 students who have missed more than 18 school days.

Mr. Pippin and Math Coach (ISTEP Part 2)

· Testing Plan

o 3rd and 6th grade will test in the morning.

o 4th and 5th will test in the afternoon.

o Gen Ed students will test in the main computer lab and mission control room.

o EL students will test in 213

o SPED and some EL students will test in 218.

o 1-on-1 testing will occur in 102.

· All staff members with lunch duty will keep their same duty. If there is coverage need, give advance notice to Ms. Stockton or Ms. Jackson.

· The literacy and math coaches will conduct ALL makeups. Makeups will be ongoing throughout ISTEP week.

· Testing will start on April 18th and will conclude April 29th.

· No interruptions to testing rooms whatsoever!

· Continued services- complete duties (testing and lunch), personal lunch, rest of the day should be scheduled into classrooms.

o Submit support schedule to Mr. Pippin by Monday, April 11th.

Mr. Pippin (Junior Achievement)

· June 3rd- IPS Event Day

o Volunteers from the business community will come and present 5 lessons from 9:30- 3:30.

o If you are interested, please fill out the Google Form that will be sent to you.

Mr. Pippin (PIVOT observations)

· Recognized by IDOE for our success in Making it Happen. Acknowledged along with 199 other schools for promising school practices.

· Positives of PIVOT:

o Teachers are able to observe great practices from other colleagues across content areas.

o Allows for collaborative conversation amongst teachers.

· Challenges of PIVOT:

o Timing! Scheduling! It’s hard to get into classrooms with short preps.

o Not all teachers are turning in PIVOT forms.

For the Good of the Order

· Ms. Villarreal- School Social Worker

o Midtown referral has grown drastically since the beginning of the school year.

o Please continue to refer students as Midtown services continue throughout the summer.

o Reminder: Do not prohibit students from going to receive their services throughout the day due to behavior. Service time is not playtime.

· Bulldog News Correction

· Boy scout field trip! Whole school will be attending.

· Field day is approaching! We will possibly get a Dunk Tank this year.

· Hallway Showcase Competition--- Judging will take place on April 21st

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This week's Bulldog News was brought to you by Ms. Angel Marnita Jackson! Take a look at both articles that I attached about mindset. This time of the year is always hard! Remember what brought you to education. It always helps me to think of that when checking my own mindset. For more information on the growth mindset and how it's applicable to your everyday practice as an educator, see me. I have tons of articles and books on the subject! Keep up the good work. Blessings to you all!