Ancient Greece (500B.C to 500A.D)

By Joseph Ramirez and Alex Sandberg

Greece Theater was created in the classical period

The play style in Ancient Greece

The greece used descriptive words in the script to exactly describe what the charecters were feeling like so the actors could make a realistic charecter.

Thespis was the first actor ever and was a poet of tragedy. There is the chours that descripes what the feeling of the play with music. They dressed like the lead actor.

Structures in Ancient Greece

One of the structures in Ancient Greece theatre is the skene. The skene is one of the changing rooms and is used to make appearances. It was used to kill the characters because in their culture "killing" characters onstage was wrong. It also roatated for multiple scenes. We get the word scene from the word skene.

The scenery in the Ancient Greece theatre.

The skene was also used for the scenery in the theatre. It was used as a scenery tablet. The pinax was also used as a piece of scenery. The Pinax was usually made of stone, wood, and cloth that were drawn on and hung to make scenery.

Ancient greek costumes (costumes, masks, etc.)

There were some masks that would express their feelings. The masks were made out of either linen or cork. So the masks were destroyed by rotting away because the organic material would rot. there were sad masks for tradegy plays and happy and sneering for satyr plays. the shape of the mask would amplify the voice making the voice seem louder. The costumes depended on the play.

What Ancient Greece did for the acting world

They created tragedy and comedy play style, they used the skene's muliti pourpose, we don't use the skene and more, but we use it's features, to this day, We use the pinax's feature as scenery. They also created masks that theatre still use today.

How did they used technical theatre during that period

The ancient greek started at the beginning of the day because they had no lights except the torches. They also used accoustics to make the characters seem louder than usual. They also built it ontop of a hill so they did not have to build it like the romans.