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Turn-About Ranch Helps Struggling Teenagers

Turn-About Ranch

Turn-About Ranch combines hard work, academics and effective therapy techniques to help struggling teenagers repair their lives. It is often difficult for young people to know who it is they can turn to during times of turbulence and strife. Turn-About Ranch provides a strong support system for young adults struggling with behavioral and other problems. Turn-About Ranch is a functioning cattle ranch that can provide teenagers with guidance through proven, workable techniques designed to improve lives.

Alternative Support for Teens Provided by Turn-About Ranch

Turn-About Ranch is one of the nation’s top residential treatment centers for teens. Providing alternative education to its students along with a comprehensive array of therapeutic and rehabilitative treatments, Turn-About Ranch strives to bring about the crucial changes that their students require.

Turn-About Ranch utilizes its ranch environment for the therapeutic benefit of its students on a daily basis. Located in the Utah desert, students are immersed in the natural beauty of their environment and involved in an extensive array of outdoor activities. Turn-About Ranch is a strong believer and facilitator of therapeutic education. Therapy is an integral component of every activity and program at Turn-About Ranch.

Students at Turn-About Ranch participate in regular weekly individual as well as group counseling sessions. As a functioning cattle ranch, students participate in various projects every week to help contribute to the operation of the ranch. By working to harvest crops, chop wood, haul hay, and clean the ranch, students learn important lessons about teamwork, coping with frustration, leadership, and the value of hard work.

A snapshot of a day at the Turn-About Ranch can be visualized with the sun rising over the Utah desert with sounds of crowing roosters, and the day beginning for students with pigs, horses and cows waiting to be fed. By sun down, the cows are coming back to pasture and the ranch becomes quiet. During the late evening and night, students can spend time reading, journaling, and writing letters prior to bed. Students of Turn-About Ranch can look back on the days they spend at the ranch with pride and satisfaction, as they’ve achieved a day of hard work, learning, and following-through on commitments.

Accountability is highly emphasized by Turn-About Ranch, and students are keenly aware of the meaning of being responsible for their actions. Students are taught about why their actions result in consequences, whether negative or positive, and this process helps them to develop a broader and deeper understanding of right and wrong.

Turn-About Ranch: Offering an Array of Programs for Troubled Teens

The entire staff employed by Turn-About Ranch is dedicated to the treatment and educational success of all of its students. A specialized alternative school that offers therapeutic and academic programs to children between the ages of 13 and 17, Turn-About Ranch has a 24 year track record of success in bringing about crucial changes for troubled teens.

Providing a well-rounded curriculum as well as overall education that is based on responsibility, leadership, accountability, hard work and teamwork, Turn-About Ranch is highly successful with instilling students with a solid education and providing highly effective therapy in its ranch environment.

Because of its commitment to meeting the individual needs of all enrollees, Turn-About Ranch offers a vast array of programs to its students. Turn-About Ranch’s academic program has maintained accreditation with AdvancED for 11 years, NATSAP for 13 years, and CARF for 7 years. Turn-About Ranch offers a curriculum for both middle and high school students. The school believes in integrating coursework with the surrounding environment of the ranch, in which students are allowed to visit nearby outdoor sites to apply what they’ve learned. Below are a couple of the many programs offered at Turn-About Ranch:

The Vocational Program offered by Turn-About Ranch provides students with the opportunity to prepare themselves for the job market while furthering their education. A variety of practical skills are taught in tandem with the quality education that students need to achieve a successful future. Among the subjects that are focused on in the Turn-About Ranch Vocational Program are safety, proper use and maintenance of equipment and tools, and team-building.

Turn-About Ranch’s Horsemanship Program teaches students how to ride and administer proper care to horses. The Horsemanship program utilizes real horsemanship experts to take the Horsemanship Program beyond the realm of equine-assisted therapy to help teach students essential life skills. Turn-About Ranch students who participate in the Horseman Program are assigned a horse to work with and care for, and during their time with their horse, they are taught about basic horse anatomy, care, and safety.

Specializing in Therapy for Teens: Turn-About Ranch

The Turn-About Ranch team has excelled in the administration of specialized therapeutic programs and services for students with behavioral issues for more than 24 years. With a wide range of therapy services including group processes, individual sessions, special family therapy meetings and others, Turn-About Ranch is a leader in teen therapeutic rehabilitation.

Because once weekly counseling treatment sessions aren’t always the most effective vessel for therapy, Turn-About Ranch facilitates a team approach to therapy that bestows its students with day-to-day therapy in its ranch environment.

Turn-About Ranch employs highly trained and experienced clinicians in the social work, marriage/family therapy and professional counseling fields to administer sessions with its students. The therapeutic measures that are incorporated within the programs at Turn-About Ranch are benefited further by the Ranch’s training of all its staff to assist its therapy clinicians.

Even if a student at Turn-About Ranch doesn’t have a scheduled weekly meeting, they are always allowed and encouraged to connect with Turn-About Ranch staff if they are in need of support or assistance. With a strong therapeutic component, Turn-About Ranch is an accredited school that is situated within a working cattle ranch.

One of the various therapeutic approaches utilized by Turn-About Ranch is equine therapy, which is provided on a regular basis to students in order to help them achieve crucial changes. Equine therapy has been proven as an extremely effective therapy for many individuals, including if not especially, children and teens.

Students at Turn-About Ranch benefit from the school’s outdoor and natural features, as well as its wide range of activities that allow them to give back to their community.

Through its commitment to providing the best rehabilitation possible for teens combined with outstanding education, Turn-About Ranch is a top choice for unmotivated teens who are seeking effective educational and therapeutic alternatives.

Turn-About Ranch: Giving hope to parents of troubled teens

For many parents of teenagers who are suffering from depression, drug addiction, trauma, or other issues, restoring their child to health often feels like a daunting task. Turn-About Ranch is an award winning residential treatment center that helps teens through a comprehensive array of programs.

Turn-About Ranch provides services that are designed to work in harmony to help unmotivated teens become more confident in themselves. Turn-About Ranch offers programs in academics, therapy, vocational studies, horsemanship, outdoor activities, and others.

A highly recognized alternative school for teens, Turn-About Ranch has received the Excellence in Education Award from Woodbury Reports as well as the Aspen Family Tree Award. Turn-About Ranch has received praise from widely renowned therapist and talk show host Dr. Phil McGraw.

Students at Turn-About Ranch actively participate in serving the community through a wide-range of activities, including fundraisers and other charity drives that have benefited individuals in need across the world. Turn-About Ranch has been immensely successful with rehabilitating students from various backgrounds who are struggling through a myriad of issues.

Turn-About Ranch believes in providing an ideal environment to help facilitate the successful rehabilitation of its students. Turn-About Ranch has a very extensive track record of success. Turn-About Ranch has offered students and their families with essential tools that have proven to heal emotional and psychological afflictions and establish healthy patterns towards the ongoing success and recovery of troubled teens.

The entire staff of Turn-About Ranch is trained in the art of effective communication in order to provide students with the most beneficial environment towards their positive development.

As a ranching school, students at Turn-About Ranch spend a large chunk of their day in the outdoors and are directly involved with animals. Renowned for its programs that cater to troubled youth ages 13 to 17, Turn-About Ranch strives to provide excellent specialized alternative education to its students who are suffering from an array of emotional and behavioral issues.

The Turn-About Ranch Guarantee

The students at Turn-About Ranch work hard, but their work has notable effects on their self-esteem, emotional/behavioral problems and overall functioning. As a ranch school in Escalante, Utah, Turn-About Ranch has a structured schedule, academic curriculum and a host of therapeutic services. The school has helped thousands of troubled teens turn their lives around based on a set of specific principles.

Hard Work

Students at Turn-About Ranch tend to work harder than most as they balance academics with ranch work, vocational training, community service projects and more. By following a structured, busy schedule, students quickly see the direct impact of their work. When they finish projects, students walk away with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Few schools can match the level of work that Turn-About Ranch students produce, nor the heightened self-esteem that accompanies their hard labor.


The team at Turn-About Ranch understands that life is full of challenges, which is why the school emphasizes this notion in its programs. Students are continually challenged to meet their goals, whether it pertains to academics, ranch work or volunteer projects. Many students are faced with challenges that might initially seem insurmountable, but they ultimately succeed with the support of staff and their families.


The Turn-About Ranch program emphasizes accountability, and students understand what it means to be responsible for their actions. Students are taught to understand why their actions resulted in certain consequences, whether good or bad. This allows them to develop a deeper sense of right and wrong, resistant to negative influences.


Students at Turn-About Ranch learn the feeling of exertion after a day of labor on the ranch. While students may feel tired after a long day, they know their efforts have resulted in something good, which helps build self-confidence in their ability to work hard.

Turn-About Ranch Provides Alternative Support for Teens

In Escalante, Utah there is a specialized alternative education school for students coping with a range of behavioral and emotional issues. The school, Turn-About Ranch, is a renowned program for students aged 13 to 17 who have struggled both in academic endeavors and in their personal lives.

Turn-About Ranch is a ranching school, which means students spend a large chunk of their day working directly with animals and performing chores around the property. For most public school children, this aspect of the program would not sound appealing, but for Turn-About Ranch students, working on the ranch provide a form of respite while simultaneously helping them develop important life skills such as responsibility, work ethic and successfully working with others.

Along with ranch work, Turn-About Ranch provides a number of additional alternative education activities. Students can participate in vocational training, an equestrian program, various outdoor activities and a comprehensive counseling program. The range of activities and programs available to students allows them to enjoy school while connecting with peers and forming valuable relationships. In all of Turn-About Ranch’s programs, there is an emphasis on building important life skills such as cooperation, emotional regulation, teamwork and more.

One of the most unique features of Turn-About Ranch is its Christian Counseling Track. The program was created for students who wish to include their faith as a part of their education, and has been highly successful since its founding. The program provides opportunities for individual, group and family counseling. Students can also attend weekly church services, participate in biblical pastoral counseling and work on community service projects.

The range of programs at Turn-About Ranch ensures the interests and needs of all students are met with care and precision. The school offers truly groundbreaking programs and stands as a model to therapeutic schools across the country.

Specialists in Teen Therapy: Turn-About Ranch

For the past 24 years, the team at Turn-About Ranch has excelled at providing specialized therapeutic services to teenagers with behavioral issues. As an alternative school, Turn-About Ranch has a therapeutic component in each aspect of the program. From academics to ranch work, the school provides therapeutic support across all areas for students in need.

Turn-About Ranch provides a range of different therapies including traditional individual sessions, group work and family therapy meetings. Therapy sessions are conducted by Masters level and higher clinicians trained in clinical social work, professional counseling and marriage/family therapy. Turn-About Ranch hires only the most competent clinicians for therapy services, as it is critical for students to work with people who truly understand their unique situation and needs.

To assist clinicians, all additional staff are trained in therapeutic measures. This includes ongoing communication with students to ensure all problems are addressed and students feel truly supported by staff. Students have a large network of staff members who can meet their needs while providing ongoing support and teaching opportunities.

Turn-About Ranch’s clinical team and staff members understand that asking students to meet once a week for formal therapy sessions can be difficult. Therefore, the school operates on a flexible schedule whereby students receive guidance on a daily basis. Students may not have scheduled weekly meetings, but they are always able to connect with staff if they need assistance and additional support.

Additionally, the team at Turn-About Ranch is committed to maintaining regular correspondence with their students’ families. The team believes communication from all sides is crucial for the healing process, as students benefit from knowing that multiple parties care about and have a stake in their success. This aspect of the school makes Turn-About Ranch a force to be reckoned with.

Turn-About Ranch Offers a Range of Programs to Troubled Teens

Turn-About Ranch is a specialized school that provides academic and therapeutic services to teenagers with social/emotional problems, substance abuse issues and psychiatric challenges. For the past 24 years, the school has combined solid academics with a successful ranch program, allowing students to receive a well-rounded education based on the values of responsibility, leadership, accountability, hard work and teamwork.

Turn-About Ranch offers a wide range of programs to students, as the school is committed to meeting the unique needs of all its attendees. The academic program is accredited by AdvancED and includes both middle school and high school curricula. These programs provide a myriad of learning opportunities, from hands-on work to auditory and visual learning. Turn-About Ranch also emphasizes integrating classroom material with the surrounding environment, and students are able to visit nearby outdoor sites to practice what they have learned.

In addition to academics, Turn-About Ranch offers a comprehensive vocational program. Students can choose from classes in culinary education, auto mechanics and building trades. These programs equip students with the skills to pursue successful careers in these fields, as well as teach practical life skills.

Horsemanship is another popular program at Turn-About Ranch, as students learn how to ride and take care of horses. Each student is assigned a horse to care for, which provides invaluable learning opportunities about how to be a responsible adult. The program focuses on developing skills such as decision making, self-awareness, judgment, and communication.

Additionally, Turn-About Ranch has an outdoor activities program that encourages students to explore the great outdoors. The program’s activities include horseback riding, field trips to historical sites, and much more. As Turn-About Ranch is located near several large national parks including Bryce Canyon and the Grand Staircase, students are able to explore beautiful and historic geologic sites around the area.

Turn-About Ranch Believes in a Therapeutic Educational System

What sets Turn-About Ranch apart from traditional high schools is a focus on therapeutic education. For over 24 years, Turn-About Ranch has provided highly individualized and supportive services to teenagers in need. The school works with students between the ages of 13 and 17 struggling with poor academic performance, emotional regulation, substance abuse problems and more.

Due to the nature of its student population, Turn-About Ranch employs therapeutic techniques that create a safe environment where students can work on both academics and personal issues. The school offers individual and group therapy sessions where students are given the opportunity to connect with people who truly care about their welfare. The Turn-About Ranch team consists of several Masters and Bachelors level counselors with careers dedicated to working closely with troubled youth.

Turn-About Ranch would not provide such a structured therapeutic program without proof that it truly works. For over two decades, the school has helped thousands of teenagers from across the country. Simply put, the programs at Turn-About Ranch are highly effective in teaching students how to overcome their issues and achieve long-term success. The school has received many positive reviews from parents, students, members of the media and notable medical professionals.

Most of the success achieved by Turn-About Ranch can be attributed to its location and purpose. Located in scenic Escalante, Utah, the school is situated in a beautiful area that provides calming effects for many students. Additionally, as Turn-About Ranch is a ranching school, students work closely with a range of animals. For many students, the ranch aspect of the school is one of the most effective components of the program, as it teaches responsibility and develops basic care skills. As a whole, Turn-About Ranch offers a highly structured therapeutic program for students with teachings and lessons that last a lifetime.

Recommended by Doctors: Turn-About Ranch

Few schools can claim their programs are doctor-approved, but then again, Turn-About Ranch isn’t like most schools. During its 24 years of operation, the school has been recommended by a variety of medical doctors and therapists. Turn-About Ranch has often been featured in the media for its success in academic and therapeutic support programs for struggling teenagers.

Turn-About Ranch has been reviewed by big media personalities such as Dr. Phil and other familiar names in the medical community. The school’s emphasis on academia and therapeutic support creates a one-of-a-kind environment that teaches kids the knowledge and coping skills they need to succeed in the world. For this reason, Turn-About Ranch has received significant critical acclaim. Doctors across the country continually praise the school’s services for its level of individualized support and successful long-term outcomes.

Turn-About Ranch may have changed its programs over time, but the focus on student support and rehabilitation has remained the same. Medical professionals across the country have given positive reviews on the school’s sustained excellence, as two decades’ worth of work has helped thousands of teens overcome behavioral issues, substance abuse problems and more. Throughout its history, Turn-About Ranch has provided consistently impressive services that adhere to a specific set of core, unchanging principles.

One glance at the school’s testimonials gives a clear indication that students agree with the praise given by medical providers. Turn-About Ranch has been highly reviewed by many former students who found the program invaluable for improving their emotional well-being, helping them develop a sense of self-esteem and preparing them to succeed in the real world. These testimonials demonstrate that Turn-About Ranch is committed to helping its students overcome adversity and personal issues. Given its track record, it’s no wonder the school receives such impressive reviews from both doctors and students.

Turn-About Ranch Launches Donation Program

Turn-About Ranch was founded on the principle of promoting long-term positive change, which extends to both its students and the surrounding community. In 2013, Turn-About Ranch created a toy donation program that provides toys to children in need. The program gained immediate success and notoriety for its widespread donations in areas such as the Ukraine, Bolivia, and within the United States.

Students at Turn-About Ranch have embraced the donation program, as it gives them a chance to participate in a unique community service opportunity. Students play an important role in the program, creating blankets and wooden toys to give to the needy. Few schools in the United States provide training in toy assembly, and many students are grateful for the opportunity to learn this craft.

As some students come from impoverished areas themselves, the program has hit home for the community at Turn-About Ranch. Many students have found the experience to be extremely rewarding, as they are able to help children like themselves and the positive effects from the program have resonated across all of Turn-About Ranch. Students from dissimilar backgrounds have also found meaning and purpose in the donation program, as they understand they are doing something good to help children living in environments such as orphanages, shelters, and social service agencies.

For staff and students at Turn-About Ranch, the gift donation program has been a highly successful means for promoting community service and altruism. Since the program’s inception, staff members have noticed an increase in overall helpful behaviors within the student body. Students themselves have noticed these effects too, as more individuals become involved with the program. Overall, the toy donation program has been a big hit, engaging student interest in volunteering and providing toys to underprivileged children around the world.

Turn-About Ranch: Generous and Charitable

Turn-About Ranch is always there for struggling teens. This year-round therapeutic organization is committed to its goal of making everyone that passes through its doors a better-prepared and more-confident young adult. Turn-About Ranch also works with its local community to help teens learn the value of community involvement.

Modern society offers a unique set of challenges for every teen. The stresses of peer pressure, academic success, family communication and can often present a substantial life barrier that often times seems insurmountable. Teenagers going through the Turn-About Ranch therapeutic program are given the opportunity to understand their problems, as well as the tools needed to overcome them.

Turn-About Ranch was founded over two decades ago with the promise of making nontraditional teen therapy work for young adults. Though each individual is unique and suffers from their own particular set of issues, success and turn around can be achieved for anyone. Turn-About Ranch is there to help unburden young adults by providing ways to see their true potential. By placing young people in real world situations that require real world solutions, Turn-About Ranch is able to instill a sense of real accomplishment and success.

Their professionals rely on both compassion and hard work to get things done. Each student of Turn-About Ranch receives quality therapy from qualified professionals, and is provided the opportunity to be a part of a real working cattle ranch. The elemental values of honesty and teamwork are instilled in Turn-About Ranch students. They are shown how anything is possible through the development of valuable life skills like team work, leadership and honesty.

Parents seeking help for their teens should consider Turn-About Ranch’s unique formula for success. Teens receive the best treatment and skill development and often go through life-changing experiences.

Turn-About Ranch: More than Therapy

Turn-About Ranch is more than just a provider of weekly therapy sessions. Turn-About Ranch gives young adults the opportunity to learn and experience first-hand the power of honesty, team work and the value actual workplace accomplishment.

The Turn-About Ranch cattle ranch environment is an avenue for young adults to experience real life achievement. A cattle ranch requires hands-on problem-solving skills to function successfully. Young adults going through the Turn-About Ranch program are assigned certain tasks that are integral to the overall function of the ranch. The results are visible, tangible and help a teen learn about the values of hard work and team work. Therapy is achieved not only through sessions with a professional therapist. It is also accomplished through hands-on training that provides teens a foundation of workplace values and real world success.

No one questions the Turn-About Ranch commitment to high-quality therapy through real world applications. This nontraditional approach has received much praise from various members of the media and has been endorsed professional therapists and TV personalities like Dr. Phil. Though Turn-About Ranch employs a strong therapeutic component, it also includes a respected and accredited academic program that can help young people move successfully through high school and beyond.

Turn-About Ranch wants nothing more than to see their students reach their goals. Every student is provided one-on-one help along with the opportunity to achieve as a part of a team.

Turn-About Ranch has helped thousands over the last two-and-a-half decades. Their goal is to help thousands more find themselves and lead successful lives. There is indeed help for young people who are struggling to survive through behavioral or emotional issues. Turn-About Ranch ensures their students get the best they have to offer. They are a generous, caring and compassionate group of trained professionals.

Turn-About Ranch is focused on Results

The members of the Turn-About Ranch team work to improve young lives. They aim to produce real results that will resonate throughout a young person’s life.

Turn-About Ranch was created over 24 years ago as an alternative to traditional teen therapy. Teens between 13 and 17 years old may often experience trouble through what is often a trying and tumultuous period. The hardships teen experiences may be hard for their families to completely understand, and may be the result of underlying behavioral issues such as depression, drug or alcohol abuse, anxiety, or defiance. Turn-About Ranch has worked with teens suffering from a variety of issues and can help teens establish ways to combat and overcome their problems through the potential of personal achievement and accomplishment.

Turn-About Ranch is honored to have been the recipient of the Excellence in Education Award from Woodbury Reports in both 2005 and 2006. They have also been the recipient of the 2006 Aspen Family Tree Award for excellence in teen therapy and education. Turn-About Ranch is in the business of building stronger, more sustainable and fruitful lives. Both CARF and Advanced accredited, Turn-About Ranch continually aims for and achieves excellence, and has set the bar very high as a model for nontraditional teen therapy programs.

Self-esteem can be a big problem for young adults. Low self-esteem can lead to poor academic performance and destructive relationships that create separation between teenagers and their families. Turn-About Ranch works to rebuild, or reestablish, a good sense of self-esteem in a young person’s life through goal-oriented tasks that place a high emphasis on team work and leadership. Turn-About Ranch looks to empower young adults with the tools they will need later in life. Teens need more than a friend; they need real world structure and problem-solving skills to be successful.

Turn-About Ranch: Excellence in Therapy

Turn-About Ranch is committed to helping teens gain a sense of confidence and self-worth. As a therapeutic program, Turn-About Ranch has been able to help thousands of young adults recognize and achieve their full potential.

For 24 years Turn-About Ranch has been helping young people and their families see that lives can be turned around. Behavioral and emotional problems are aplenty in today’s society, and teens are often held back due to struggles many believe is out of their control. Turn-About Ranch is there to support teenagers and help them see that success is definitely within their reach. They are an empowering organization that provides a unique therapeutic program in combination with high-quality vocational training and skill development.

As stated earlier, Turn-About Ranch is a unique organization with therapy at the center. Turnaround is their primary goal. Many teens struggle to connect with their families and experience major difficulties in high school and beyond. Professional help often seems out of reach or, at the very least, ineffective. Teens undergo many stresses, making rebellion their major focus and placing little value on their education or career goals. Turn-About Ranch employs a specialized program developed from the need to show young adults their promise through hard work, teamwork, and leadership. As a working cattle ranch Turn-About Ranch aims to instill core values through actual accomplishment, which can help a young person restore confidence and regain what many may have believed was completely lost.

Turn-About Ranch is an accredited therapeutic program that includes a focus on academics, hard work and honesty. They work for families and their children, helping them develop stronger bonds that can last a lifetime. Their specialists are diligent in the pursuit of turning around young adults and easing the transition between childhood and adulthood.

Turn-About Ranch: Teen Therapy Experts

The Turn-About Ranch team has made significant moves forward in the field of teenage therapy. They have produced countless success stories and have earned the respected and admiration of field professionals and former students alike.

Turn-About Ranch began operation nearly 25 years ago. Based in Escalante, Utah, Turn-About Ranch has supplied thousands of young lives with the preparation and the tools they needed to defeat the demons of emotional and behavioral issues. Each student undergoes professional therapy in an open and results-oriented environment centered on the values of leadership, teamwork and honesty.

The teenage years can be trying for everyone involved in a teenager’s life. Parents, friends, relatives, teachers and so on can be the unfortunate recipients of a teenager’s troubles or problems, making life incredibly difficult for all those involved. Turn-About Ranch provides teens and their families a skilled network of professionals that are prepared to turn teens’ lives around.

Permanent, life-altering changes are needed to help a teenager adequately prepare for adulthood. Turn-About Ranch uses a system that instills strong values and develops valuable life skills. Each young adult is placed in a situation that requires teamwork and leadership to succeed. Real tasks are handed down from real ranch professionals on a real cattle ranch. Accomplishments at Turn-About Ranch are real and substantial. They instill real world values like hard work, loyalty and goal-orientation.

Turn-About Ranch is accredited and respected. Many in the therapy field turn to Turn-About Ranch for inspiration, and base their therapy approaches on the ranch’s model. This Utah-based ranch has led the way in terms of real hands-on therapy for teenagers. Many are working hard to try and meet Turn-About Ranch’s high standards and proven track record for success. It is a highly-caring, compassionate and effective organization.

Turn-About Ranch: Great-Quality Help

Turn-About Ranch is a health and human services-based organization. They specialize in providing therapy and academic services to teens between the ages of 13 and 17.

Turn-About Ranch is committed to quality care. Each teen that walks through their doors receives high-quality treatment given by warm and qualified professionals. Every teen receives one-on-one treatment to works to properly diagnose and correct certain behavioral and emotional problems. Turn-About Ranch has been in the business of helping teens and their families for over two decades.

Turn-About Ranch is committed to teens. Teenagers can have a tough time adapting to high school, making friends, communicating with their parents and so on. A behavioral or emotional problem can be a substantial roadblock when trying to overcome one’s difficulties. Turn-About Ranch Professionals allow teens the chance to get proper treatment while performing as a real functioning member of an actual cattle ranch.

Turn-About Ranch is accredited academic and therapeutic organization. It is recognized by several reputable organizations as a legitimate and effective place to supplement one’s education while receiving expert therapy. There are many options to both teenagers and their families. Turn-About Ranch explores a more nonconventional approach to therapy while emphasizing the values of leadership, honesty, teamwork and dedication.

At Turn-About Ranch teenagers learn the benefits of real world successes along with the potential consequences of failure. Turn-About Ranch students achieve both individually and as part of a group, learning the dynamics of each so that they may apply those lessons later in life. This approach has garnered much media attention and earned the endorsement of TV personality Dr. Phil. Their methods have worked for many students who appreciate the time they’ve spent there. Many former students are eager to talk about their Turn-About Ranch experience and the influence it has had on their lives.

Turn-About Ranch Specializes in Teen Therapy

Turn-About Ranch provides specialized therapy and academic services to teens between the ages of 13 and 17. Turn-About Ranch professionals have helped teens make significant strides and develop strong characters for the past 24 years.

Turn-About Ranch cares about teens. Teenage life can be tumultuous for both the teenager and his/her family. Behavior problems can become a major roadblock or impediment to that child’s success and, if left untreated, can become an ever-present problem during adulthood. Turn-About Ranch believes in giving troubled teens an effective therapuetical outlet where the accomplishments are real, tangible, and confidence-building. As a real working ranch Turn-About Ranch is able to give teens a tangible and effective part of ranch operation, leaving a lasting and cathartic sense of accomplishment.

Turn-About Ranch uses a method that is highly-impactful and long-lasting. Their professionals use the best in academics, therapy and workplace dynamics to give troubled young adults the opportunity to achieve success. Their nontraditional therapy method has served as an inspiration to thousands of young students and has helped many struggling high school students achieve what they formerly thought was impossible: high school graduation.

Turn-About Ranch is a highly-valued member of the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs, or NATSAP. They have been a revered member of this professional organization for over 13 years. They are also an AdvancED and CARF-accredited therapeutic institution. Turn-About Ranch is a year-round organization that helps to treat a variety of inflicted-students. Turn-About Ranch accepts and treats students suffering from signs of depression, defiance, low self-esteem, substance abuse and addiction and poor academic performance. They rarely, if ever, turn a troubled teen away from their doors that fit within the above criteria. They offer financial assistance and a 30-day free stay guarantee for returning students.

Turn-About Ranch: The Right Choice for Teen Therapy

Many teens lack focus or direction due to severe behavioral or emotional disorders. Turn-About Ranch exists to show those teens that help is available, and that it is possible to overcome tumultuous disorders and problems.

The teenage years can be hard on teens and their families. Turn-About Ranch helps both teens and families remove the dark cloud left behind by troubling emotional and behavioral issues. Each teenager deserves a chance at professional help, and Turn-About Ranch has proven itself to be an excellent help-providing organization.

Turn-About Ranch helps troubled kids establish focus and feel accomplishment. Provided on a real cattle ranch, Turn-About Ranch professionals assign tasks and duties to kids as a part of the therapy process. These tasks are essential to the actual functioning of the ranch and help to give teens a true sense of accomplishment. Located in Escalante, Utah, the Turn-About Ranch has made enormous strides for thousands of troubled teens, and plans to provide help to thousands more!

In addition to providing lasting therapies and boosting teen confidence, Turn-About Ranch is also very active in the local community, helping with highway cleanup and providing help to local-area seniors and widows. Their professionals believe that community involvement is critical to strong character development and that by instilling a sense of civic duty and pride to it students, they can make a real difference in their lives.

Turn-About Ranch comes highly-recommended by nationwide doctors and professionals. Making real-world accomplishments an integral part of the therapy process is crucial to their success. Turn-About Ranch has made hard-work, honesty, dedication and teamwork its core values and an irremovable part of its therapy. Down-to-earth therapy is Turn-About Ranch’s business, and it has been a successful one for the last 24 years.

Turn-About Ranch: A Principled Approach to Therapy

Turn-About Ranch has long been about helping troubled teenagers. Their staff is experienced at providing lasting help in a real world setting. Turn-About Ranch employs a principled approach to therapy that is difficult to top by other respected methods.

Turn-About Ranch focuses on helping teenagers between the ages of 13 and 17. This can be a highly volatile age where behavioral and/or emotional problems can develop into real nightmares. The teenagers that go through the Turn-About Ranch program receive professional therapy that helps to diagnose their problems and develop solid treatment methods.

There can be many benefits from Turn-About’s real-world approach. Helping children learn real-world tasks and develop real world solutions is exactly what Turn-About Ranch is all about. Their set-up includes an actual working western ranch that requires hard-work and dedication to maintain its operation. Turn-About Ranch places teenagers in settings that challenge them both mentally and physically, giving them real goals and establishing real senses of drive and accomplishment.

Turn-About Ranch is currently run by esteemed set of qualified professional who want nothing more than to see young people learn how to thrive. Treatment is delivered in a real world environment because it helps teenagers develop a familiarity for hard work and a passion for getting real things done.

Chris Christensen is currently the Executive Director of Turn-About Ranch. Chris had originally worked as the program’s primary counselor and was instrumental in developing the accredited academic programs. His work with teens has helped to make Turn-About Ranch a premiere name in childhood therapy programs. The Turn-About Ranch school has built a strong reputation for preparing at-risk or struggling teens for high school graduation, and had helped many teenagers achieve the confidence they need to graduate. This is a strong testament to the program’s effectiveness.