magic marks the spot

by caroline carlson

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Magic Marks the Spot Book Trailer


Hilary wants to be a pirate, but it's hard when the VNHLOP declines her application because she is a girl. She is also the daughter of the Admiral of the Royal Navy, who is an enemy of pirates. her father sent her to a finishing school run by Miss Pimm where she is trapped Luckily, Hilary has her magic gargoyle to assist her in running away to the ship of the Terror of the Southlands. a polite pirate named Jasper Fletcher, Charlie, Hilary's governess, and Miss Greyson, Hilary sails off on the Pigeon in search of magic buried by the Enchantress. But there is something going on in Augusta with magical items being stolen, Miss Pimm taking her girls to sea, and the admiral in hot pursuit of the Pigeon, unconcerned that his daughter is onboard.


there is no info


I would not read this book ever again
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