Join the Revolution!

By Sohaib Qasim

Why join the movement for the independence of our beloved thirteen colonies, you may ask? Because you people have been treated wrongly by Great Britain! For instance, you have been murdered at the Boston Massacre on that day of March 5th, 1770 and taxed unfairly.

Our citizens were simply protesting against the presence of the British soldiers in their dear towns. It is true that they were not exhibiting the best behavior, cursing and throwing undesirable things at the soldiers. But the horrible deed the soldiers committed does not come into comparison to the misbehaving the colonists did. As tension increased between the two parties, the British redbacks suddenly fired their muskets upon the poor, defenseless colonists. In the end, five colonists died. Crispus Attucks' death, who died first due to the injuries sustained from the gun shot wounds, marks the first colonist death in this momentous time of revolution. Stand for your fallen brothers and resist the British injustice.

It is not our fault the British government put so much money and resources into their fight with the French and their Native American allies. Therefore, why should we suffer with the taxes and other unfair regulations the government has placed upon us in an effort to get itself out of debt? "Taxation without representation is tyranny!" are the great words of Boston politician James Otis. Us Americans should have all the rights those living in Britain have, but alas, we do not. If an essential part of the English Constitution is not included as one of our rights, why should we continue to associate ourselves with this unfair regime?

In the end, if you want to continue being treated unfairly, stay with and support the British. However, if you possess some form of common sense and can realize that you are being oppressed, rise up and fight the tyranny. The horrendous event of the Boston Massacre and the unfair tax laws should be enough to convince you to!