Surgeons Needed!

Heartland University of Unwinding is looking for surgeons!

Heartland University of Unwinding is looking to give away a scholarship to one lucky person in Columbus, Ohio!

Heartland University has had the highest success rate of any college in America. Here at Heartland, you will learn the top secret unwinding process and how to perform the procedure. Students will also have first-hand opportunities to see the procedure in action. To apply for this scholarship, call our home office at 206-734-5537.

Students will review a semester long curriculum revolving around how the unwinding process works and why it is taking place.

After studying the curriculum, students will receive a chance to work with professional surgeons during actual unwinding procedures.

Heartland offers:

on campus gender neutral housing

on and off campus housing

60% graduation rate


tutors and guidance counselors if a student is struggling

a wellness center free and available to students 24/7

Heartland University of Unwinding

Contact our home office for more information on how to apply for this scholarship.