Fluorine, Chlorine, Bromine, Iodine, Astatine

What are Halogens?

Halogens are located on the left of the Noble Gases on the periodic table. They are non-metallic and are more reactive than most non-metallic groups. They all have a total of seven electrons in their outer energy levels.

Examples of Halogens

Characteristics of Halogens

Halogens can appear in all forms of matter: gas, liquid, and solid. They are a nonmetal, since they are poor conductors, and are not malleable or ductile. All Halogens have been found in nature, as well.

Products containing Halogens

Here are some products containing Halogens:

1) Bleach

2) Fluoride

3) Toothpaste

4) Chlorine in swimming pools

5) Table Salt

6) The salt in the Dead Sea contains high levels of Bromine