Digital Coaches' Corner

Week 13 2/9/15

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Skype in the Classroom

Open up your classroom to the world. Education Skype has resources for all levels and subjects.

  • Chat with authors
  • Virtual field trips
  • Work with other classrooms
  • Speak with experts on a topic of study

Skype is already loaded on teacher computers. You will need to create an account. Once you have an account the education site allows you to search for upcoming lessons and it suggest lessons you might want to try.

Classroom of the Week: Mr. Shipley's 6th grade STEM classes

The students in Mr. Shipley's class have figured out that learning is fun! The students are applying science, technology, engineering, and math to create hands on projects. During one project the students programmed a robot to complete a maze.

Check out these videos of the impressive projects Mr. Shipley's classes have completed.

STEM Catapults

STEM Robotics