Great Auk


- The great Auk is an extinct, large, flightless bird

- Scientific name: Pinguinus impennis

- Drove to extinction by hunters who wanted to use them for food, oil, fat and feathers

- Ranges from the North Atlantic to as far as southern spain

- Height: Ranges from 75-85 cm

- Very powerful swimmer

- Humans have hunted this bird for over 100,000 years to use it for fishing bait and as a food source

- There was a high demand for the bird's feathers in Europe during the mid-16th century which almost eliminated the population completely

- In Scotland in 1844, three men caught the last of the population in this area and killed it three days later after a large storm came, causing them to believe that the birds were witches who caused the storm

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Ways we could have prevented the extinction of this animal:

- They could have regulated the amount of birds they killed for human resources