iPad Readiness Foundation

Maximizing iPad Configuration for Instructional Use

Follow these basic configurations to ensure maximum use of the district-issued iPad as an instructional tool. This is the first of a series of sessions that will be mandatory.

HINT: When you see the artifact title and a camera, you will need to take a screenshot of that artifact to submit it in the iPad Readiness Foundation ecourse.

Screenshot and Annotating

Press the home button and the power button at the same time. Quickly release both buttons. After you take a screenshot, a thumbnail temporarily appears in the lower-left corner of your screen.
Screenshot and Annotation Tutorial

Artifact - Markup & Annotation

Take a screenshot of something on your iPad and mark it up/annotate it! Save it and upload it as one of your artifacts.

Outlook for District Email & Signature

Configuring Outlook and Adding Signature

Artifact - Outlook Signature Screenshot

Take a screenshot of your signature now configured on your email. It can be in Outlook or Apple email.

Change Airdrop to Everyone

Now you can easily receive images, websites, notes, etc from another iOS device nearby without having to exchange contact information.

Artifact - Airdrop Open to Everyone Screenshot

Provide a screenshot that shows you have selected the "everyone" option.

Sign Into OneDrive

OneDrive Configuration & Information

Artifact - OneDrive Files Screenshot

Provide a screenshot the demonstrates you are logged into OneDrive and have files saved and easily accessible from your iPad.

Sign Into App Store

Apple iD and Downloading Apps

Artifact - App Store Signed In Screenshot

We want to ensure that you understand the process required to download apps that you are interested in using. Use a personal Apple ID to download apps. District account can be used for maximum iCloud space.

Activate Record Button

Creating a Demo Using an iPad

Artifact - Record Button in Control Center & Microphone On

Provide a screenshot that shows you have the record button on the control center and that you have activated the microphone for recording.
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Earn credit for the iPad Readiness eCourse by submitting the artifacts in Badgelist

Big picture
Big picture

Siri - Siri is Your Ultimate Assistant

Activate Siri and say "hey Siri" to

  • Start a timer
  • Ask for a reminder
  • Get the weather
  • Flip a coin or roll a dice
  • Set "do not disturb"
  • Set an alarm
  • Research dates or events