Have No Fear

Once You've Faced Terror, You Have Conquered All Things

V FOR VENDETTA "Then you have no fear any more. You're completly free".

In the movie V for Vendetta, a captured women in prison named Evey is terrorized and abused in prison by V, who is in charge of her. She admits she'd rather die then to continue to be terrorized in prison and V saids, "then you have no fear any more. You're completly free''. He tells her that she can now be free because she has faced and survived all terror in prison. He tells her this as if she has moved on to another level or has completed banishment. This relates to dystopian society because in dystopian society, rules are constanly enforced and punishments are given if any rule is broken. In todays world, there are laws always in effect and constantly enforced. Police officers, judges and layers are quick to give punishments such as a prison sentence, court order or a ticket if any law is broken. People in todays world are constantly reminded to obey laws and repect other people or persons rights and property. No one can do as they wish. Dystopian Society is also present in the movie V for Vendetta. In the movie V for Vendatta, people are forced to obey rules they belive to be unfair, set by the government. Evey is also forced to stay in prison and submit to V .The people who belived the government was unfair came together and made a plan against the government which was to destroy it . V is their leader and they destroy the government with bombs in the end but without Eveys help they wouldn't have been able to. She let go of fear and changed the world.

Dystopia in School


The time change between classes is not enough

Students should have more time to move from place to place

Cause it gets crowded and tough

Going to class feels like a chase or race

Teachers and school staff repeat,''Hurry to class''

We only have but a few minutes to transition through this large school

And school starts at seven when all we want to do is sleep

Got to make sure you eat early to get through the day

Everything looks either cheap or bland

Every student wishes for more time or freedom

But if you don't follow the rules, you'll be banned

Maybe students should take a stand

School is the road to sucess

We just got to make the best of this ''mess"