Acoma Library Staff Newsletter

October 2015

Curriculum Connections

In grades 2-5, we have been reading excerpts to look at examples of "small moments" and descriptive, narrative writing. With our 2nd-4th graders, I've been sharing Because of Winn-Dixie. We'll likely finish the full novel in 4th grade. For our 5th graders, I've been reading from the novel Wonder by R.J. Palacio.

Our kinders and 1st graders have heard several Mo Willems stories, and they've enjoyed a variety of extension activities while we practice procedures and take turns checking out books. Students in all grades seem excited about the stories, and they surprise me with how many details they remember from week to week! Sometimes they help me, ha. :)

Please stay in touch as you move forward in your curriculum. I'm here to support you, so let me know what you are working on or where your students need help, and I'll be glad to make connections during your library time. Remember, we also have some great online resources that I can show your students to support their projects (Culture Grams, Britannica Online and others).

Museum Pass

The New Mexico Museum of Natural History Foundation is offering a Museum Pass for FREE admission. It may be checked out from the library for 7 days. Each pass allows 2 adults and 4 children free entry to the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science.

The pass needs to be checked out in person in the Acoma Library, and the borrower (parent/guardian or staff member) needs to complete a brief agreement form. Questions, let me know!

Book Orders

I just wrapped up the first library book order, but I welcome suggestions and requests for future orders! I have met with Linda Alsup at Onate and the district library coordinators, and we decided that Acoma will focus its library orders on nonfiction and Onate will focus more on fiction (with some flexibility).

Book Fair

Because of various library projects to support the upcoming consolidation, we are not holding a book fair this year. I do hope to host some kind of Open House to encourage our families to visit the library. I'll stay in touch with any updates on that!
"I honestly don't believe that empathy is something that can be taught. It can only be inspired.” ~ R.J. Palacio, author of Wonder