A Picture Of Freedom

Patricia C. Mckissack

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Plot Outline



Clotee, Mas'. Henley, Miz Lilly , William, Spicy, Hince, and Aunt Tee and Mr. Harms.



(Clotee never left Belmont)


(only for setting):

"The ugliest dress in Virginia is bein' made right here in Belmont "

Rising action:

Clotee picks up a book and reads part of the first word out loud so Mr. Harms could hear it.


I was so taken by the story, I forgot where I was. Suddenly, my mouth got ahead of my thoughts and I blurted out the first part of the word. "Cir -"I caught myself, but not soon enough.


Clotee agrees to escape with Mr. Harms. (Mr. Harms is a abolitionist.)


"Sir, I want to come with you to freedom. I'll work hard and help the abolitionist

in any way I can. Please say I can." " Clotee, you don't have to beg. Of course you can come. Be here on the next dark moon."

Falling action: Clotee convinces Mr. Harms to let her stay and be a conductor on the Underground Railroad.

TE:"I'm not going with you, now. I want to stay here and be a conductor at Belmont."


Clotee helped over 150 slaves get to freedom.


"From Miss Avery's research, we know that Clotee served as a conductor on the Underground Railroad, helping over one hundred fifty slaves get to freedom.


The conflict is man vs. society.

Clotee is a girl that can read and write. The problem is she is a slave and has 2 very mean

masters, Mas' Henley and Miz' Lilly. Slavery is tough, fanning all day can get super boring, and when shes not fanning , shes doing hot water treatments on her master's

son's legs. How gross is that? It's hard to be a slave!


Freedom is more than a word.

"Clotee Henley's legacy lives on in the epitaph engraved on her gravestone:



Clotee: She is a slave who helped over 150 slaves get to freedom. She is the main character of the story. She will never give up on anything that's too hard because she

thinks she can't do it. She tries harder.


Mas Henley and Miz Lilly: Mas Henley killed Uncle Heb, Miz Lilly whipped Hince 10 times,( they treated their slaves terribly. Mas Henley lied about killing Ruphus (fellow slave), and family .

(masters of Clotee) Miz Lilly is trying to bust Clotee's secret about reading/writting.

The weather affect on Clotee

Not that the weather affected Clotee herself, but it affected what she did. Clotee fanned at Belmont, and when it got cold, she couldn't fan. She fanned William while he was learning, and when William was learning, so was Clotee.

Four Facts About 1850

1.The University of Utah opens in Salt Lake City, Utah.

2.California Exchange Opens.

3.British blockade Piraeus Greece to enforce mercantile claims

4.Investigator, 1st ship to effect Northwest Passage, leaves England.