4B Post Assessment

National Art and Honor Society


In this club what we do is drawing and posters when the school needs something done. We work together as a group all and come up with ideas. Some examples of what we do would be posters for pep rally, events, teachers posters. and ect.

Asch, Zimbardo, and Milgram

The teacher in charge of the club is the authority and we have to listen to the instructions that are being give. As the students that are part of this club we have to obey to what she says. This is known as obedience. We all come up with different ideas on what to do which this is a groupthink. We all discuss them of what could work and what could go with which ever thing we may be doing. When we all go with someone's plan sometimes that person tends to say this is all because of be and try taking all the credit even though everyone did something, if it turns out bad they tend to say nothing at all or blame it on someone else, known as self-serving bias. Sometimes there is a couple of people who just don't like some ideas that we stay with and they just say everything bad about it and why it wouldn't work this is known as group polarization. Something else that some people do in there would be if they did something bad like they didn't get the poster or color they tend to blame on someone or teacher for not explaining well enough how it's suppose to be done, this is known as fundamental attribution error. When we are all discussing what should we do, some people tend to just say whatever the other person said just because they think that there opinion may not matter. This is similar to the Asch experiment because they just go with the answers that the other person said also conformity . When they teacher give the instructions we all start and if we don't participate then we don't get points. The Zimbardo experiment had punishment and well in the art and honors society we get punished by not getting the points we need to get a cord when we graduate. In the art and honor society it involves teamwork and also obedience and the authority that the teacher has. This is similar to the Milgram experiment.