Brey Mauer

All About Me


1.) Volleyball

2.) Basketball

3.) Swimming


1.) Sports

2.) Amimals

3.) Art

Ways I am Smart

1.) Working with numbers

2.) Solving problems

3.) Working with computers.

My Learning Style

Learn by hearing; It means I learn better by being told the information than to read the information.

My Personal Globe Inventory

-My Holland Code


-Three Career Clusters

The three career clusters that were picked for me are; Education & Training, Health Science, and Law, Public Safety, Corrections, & Security.

-Job I Researched (Including: education needed & salary)

I searched CSI- Forensic Scientist/Pathologist. The salary is $115,910 to $166,400 a year. The education needed is Anatomy, Chemistry, Physiology, Calculus, Foreign Language, and Statistics & Probability.