Kermit Planet

Planetary Description

Kepler-452b (sometimes nicknamed Earth 2) is an exoplanet orbiting the G-class star Kepler-452. It was identified by the Kepler space telescope, and its discovery was announced by NASA on 23 July 2015.

About Kepler 452b

Diameter of Planet...21,000Km

Average Distance from its Sun...158 million Km

Average Temperature...Unknown

Length of a Day...Unknown

Length of a Year (Orbital Period)...385 days

Number of Moons...None

Number of Rings...None

I would be 15 Years Old

The Distance From Earth...1,400 Light Years


1: It’s the most significant of 12 recently discovered ‘habitable’ planets

2: Kepler-452b is much older than the Sun

3: Kepler-452b could teach us about the greenhouse effect

Problems And How To Fix Them




3:More Gravity


1: Get used to it so then our bones adjust to it

2: Get heat protection suits

3: Figure out more about them so we will now if we can live in peace