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Interesting facts about Puerto RIco

Puerto Rico's government

Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States with commonwealth status. Puerto Rico is not a state. Puerto Rican's are subject to most U.S. federal laws, they do not however have representation in congress.

Fun Facts!

Puerto Ricos favorite sport is baseball! Their representative animal is the Coqui which is a type of small frog. The capital of Puerto Rico is San Juan. This island may seem small but has close to 4 million residents (3,998,905) as of 2011. The Puerto Rican currency is the same as the U.S. they are on the dollar system due to the fact that they are a territory of the U.S.

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Interesting Places

To begin we have El Yunque, the only tropical rain forest in the United States. Next we have Castillo de San Cristoba a historic Spanish fort. Then we have Arecibo observatory the site of the worlds largest single dish telescope. Moving on we have the La Ceiba de Ponce in English the Ceiba Tree Park. This park is centered around a 500 year old Ceiba tree. Finally we have


Puerto Rican food is a blend of many cultures. An appetizer for example would be chicken soup with Rice. Another signature dish is fried plantains known as tostones. Puerto Rico is also famous for their pork pernil or pork shoulder is a common dish.


There are two main types of dance in Puerto Rico. The first is Bomba y Plena described as a rhythmic duel between drummer and dancer.The second dance is the Salsa which combines fast paced rhythm with big band sound.

Famous Puerto Ricans

There are many famous people from Puerto Rico. For example singer song writer Ricky Martin. Also the famous Actor Jose Ferrer. Then of course there is major league baseball player Carlos Beltran.