love between a boy and his dog

Marty c:

A really nice kid hes poor and only has his grandma . Marty is the one that helps Shiloh out .


is young beagle hes such a sweethert , The owner of Shiloh treats him really badly.



This story takes place in West Virginia in Marty's backyard where there is a lot of woods. One day, Marty went into the woods to look for cans, then he saw a dog . The dog belonged to a man named Judd. Judd did not like his dog Shiloh and he treated him really badly. Marty tried to save Shiloh but Judd made Marty work for him 24 hours to keep Shiloh.

Fact c:

Shiloh is a good book for animal lovers. Because the dog Shiloh gives unconditional love.

Opinions (:

The kid name marty loves going to adventures . Is the best book if i was you ill read it as soon as possible . (:


The theme is to not give up on something you really like or love .

This are some pictures of Marty [:

Review 1

  • July 12, 1991

    via Publishers Weekly

    In the tradition of Sounder and Where the Red Fern Grows comes this boy-and-his-dog story set in rural West Virginia. When he finds a mistreated beagle pup, 11-year-old Marty knows that the animal should be returned to its rightful owner. But he also realizes that the dog will only be further abused. So he doesn't tell his parents about his discovery, sneaks food for the dog and gets himself into a moral dilemma in trying to do the right thing. Without breaking new ground, Marty's tale is well told, with a strong emphasis on family and religious values. This heartwarming novel should win new fans for the popular Naylor. Ages 8-12. (Sept.) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved

Review . 2 (:

  • September 07, 1992

    This 1992 Newbery Medal winner revolves around an 1 1 -year-old boy who finds an abused dog near his West Virginia hills home; PW noted that this heartwarming novel should win new fans for the popular Naylor. Ages 812. (Sept.) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved

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