Trinity Connect

Issue 8, 30 May 2019

Principal's News

Last weekend my family and I made a last minute decision to enjoy a night camping on the banks of the Murray River as we continue our exploration of this beautiful region. As we headed for home on the Sunday to make it home in time for my daughter to attend a birthday party we were faced with an unexpected challenge....we got bogged! Despite my reluctance to drive through puddles my husband and daughter continually find this a sense of amusement! Let's just say, I wasn't overly excited as we began our efforts to 'escape' the sludge of the track! However, as time past we began to find the amusement in the situation and were all laughing and making the most of the situation. So often in life we can let our mindset and the constant demands of our busy lives stop us from finding the joy, even in the things that challenge us!

We've now learnt that we will take our gear for off road driving even when we think we won't need it but we've also had a great reminder of the joy that is around us everyday, sometimes we just have to look (or in our case dig) a little harder to find it!

I have the best job in the world! Everyday that I come to work I get to find joy! We have the most amazing college, with such incredible kids, professional and skilled staff and a culture of continuous improvement. We are upgrading our IT facilities in the secondary area, beginning initial stages of a playground upgrade and striving forward with our IB authorisation. Joy and fun is everywhere at Trinity!

May you find joy this week, in your world with your loved ones around you.

Eloise Beveridge

Traffic Safety

Generally our college families are very cautious around the school grounds and ensure they are on the lookout at all times for students and adhering to road rules.

At times however it is timely to remind our community of the need to keep to speed limits and observe for pedestrians at all times. For those who use the drive through area we ask that you do not leave your vehicle and always ensure your vehicle is as close to the front of the set down area (adjacent to the Victoria Wing) as possible before pulling up.

Vehicles are not permitted to turn right from the drive through gate during peak hours. Please note this can be policed.

Thank you for taking the time to ensure our children's safety is paramount and we all work together to ensure the smooth flow of traffic.

Lego Competitions

On Wednesday students participated in a Lego building competition in the Library to promote our range of Lego books available for borrowing. Students entered in pairs and the challenge was to build the tallest tower in ten minutes. There were some moments of deep concentration, collaboration and tension as the towers rose…and fell! The winning team consisted of Holly H and Dinugi. The popularity of the event has led to the planning of more Lego competitions to come.

Five Staff Facts

Community Notices