Center for Cultural Understanding

Hosting Japanese Students

Dear GOHS families,

Center for Cultural Understanding (CCU/ is looking for Temecula-area host families for Japanese high school students visiting California, for two nights, Friday, March 6 to Sunday morning, March 8. Details below

Group Arrival: Fri March 6th 2020 between 3-6 pm.

Group Departure: Sunday March 8th 7am.

Where to pick up/drop off your students?: Great Oaks High School Parking Lot

Who?: Tokyo City High School ALL Boys School

How many?: ALL MALE students are double placed with some triple placements

Why?: Students are part of a 10 day program visiting universities in California and doing some sight seeing. Part of the cultural aspect of the program is to experience a weekend with an American host family.

Details?; Students can share a bedroom with same gender host sibling and there are air mattresses available

Fundraiser: $70 PER FAMILY (not student) is given to the school. The school later distributes to the appointed club or sport of your choosing.

(Teachers or Coaches that would like to make it a coordinated fundraiser please contact me. We give bonus for meeting a goal)

Your student will qualify for:

!) 15 hours of community Service. 20hrs if you sign up BEFORE DEC 31ST.

2) CCU’s International Humanitarian Award, for College applications

3) A personal letter of recommendation from CCU’s President Jason Kay (a short phone interview will be necessary) IF YOU SIGN UP BEFORE DEC 31ST.

4) Eligibility to apply for CCU’s exclusive Kevyn Lynd “Invictus” Memorial Scholarship for $1000 open ONLY to host families (making the competition much smaller)

5) The amazing experience of truly helping to change the world one person at a time.

All three Temecula’s High Schools are participating in this amazing opportunity. It is on a first come first serve basis. CCU will offer a $250 additional bonus to the school that recruits the most host families. Will that be your school?

If interested please email the following to Roxana Rich @ email:

Host Family Last Name:

Host Family Best Contact Number:

Host Family Address:

Host Family Best Email Contact:

Host Parent 1 Name:



Host Parent 2 Name:



Child 1:




2 hobbies:

Copy and paste for additional children.

Do you currently have an exchange student in your home?:

Pets: Please list ALL pets and how many

What Kind?:


3 Host Family’s Hobbies:

How many air mattresses will you need?:

Name of students receiving service hours:

Name of organization receiving the donation:

Further Information will be sent to you after the first of the year. But it is important that you reach out before the Dec 31st deadline if you would like more service hours and a letter of recommendation!