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April 3rd, 2022

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Cup of Joe

A Cup of Joe with Chad Johnson and Ed Baalaer, Lake Shore Public School Kennedy Middle School

Election Info 2022: Kennedy Middle School Focus

The Lake Shore Public Schools' Board of Education approved a $66.7 million no tax-rate increase bond proposal for the May 3rd, 2022 ballot.

We wanted to share some of the major updates at Kennedy Middle School.

To the interior of the building, classroom and corridor flooring will be updated, the boiler will be replaced, and energy-efficient lighting will be installed. Classroom windows will be replaced as well as select doors and hardware. Classroom technology will be updated, and student mobile devices will be refreshed.

The band and choir rooms will also receive updates, and an outdoor learning environment will be created. Classroom furniture and equipment will be replaced where needed to improve the learning environment.

Exterior improvements will include select roof replacement, building a varsity quality home field for use by students and the community, building a baseball stadium with dugouts and bleachers, and building a concessions stand. A new parking lot near the baseball stadium will also be added.

The bond will also provide safety improvements at Kennedy Middle School, including

  • Installing an emergency alert system
  • Upgrading classroom safety locking systems
  • Replacing failing concrete
  • Updating exterior lighting; and
  • Enhancing video surveillance and access control systems

We would like to hear your thoughts about the no tax-rate increase bond proposal, click this link.

To learn more about the bond proposal, please visit the Lake Shore Public Schools' website.

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Save the Dates

Save the Date: Kindergarten Roundup

Wednesday, April 20th, 2022 at 6pm

Lake Shore High School Performance Gym

Save the Date: Virtual District K-12 Art Show

Thursday, April 21st, 2022 at 6pm

Save the Date: "Emily Tims Art Inspires" Photorama

Saturday, April 23rd, 2022 from 1-3pm

Save the Date: The Wizard of Oz

Friday-Saturday, April 22-23rd from 7-9pm

Sunday, April 24th from 2-4pm

Save the Date: Daddy-Daughter Dance

Friday, May 6, 2022 from 6:30-8:30pm

$25/couple + $10 additional daughter(s)

Save the Date: Mother-Son Baseball Game

Friday, June 3, 2022 at 7:05pm

$20/person and FREE for LSPS elementary students

Upcoming Events

Lake Shore Public Schools 2021-2022 Kindergarteners Share
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The Shores: St. Clair Shores Living

We are excited to share that LSPS has been published inside the April/May issue of The Shores on pages 32-33 and 39.

Positivity Project

Under the guiding principles of our districtwide initiative, the Positivity Project, the #PositivityInAction mindset is our top priority. These past two weeks we focused on the character strengths of SHOREY MASCOT and HUMOR.

Our Mascot Shorey embodies all of our favorite character strengths and always exhibits #ShorianPride.

People with the character strength of a Shorian display unity by their deep, long-lasting relationships. They always put others first.

Class of 1987 graduate Craig Lipscomb is a full-time Head Custodian at Rodgers Elementary. Craig has served with Lake Shore Public Schools for 9 years, beginning as the Custodian Leader for the afternoon shift at Lake Shore High School. His 30 years of service in the heating and cooling industry and hands-on work in construction allowed him to gain experience and use the previous education and training in his current role.

In this custodial role, Craig is in charge of the maintenance of the elementary building. Students like 2nd grader Liam Jewell are rewarded with the privilege of assisting Mr. Craig with responsibilities like disposing of the garbage and cleaning the floor with the Speed Scrub 350 as seen in this video clip.

In Mrs. Stasyk's 1st grade class at Violet Elementary, Peyton Vansickle taught Emma Todd how-to tie her shoes!

Mrs. Hoover's Kindergarten class at Masonic Heights Elementary is blessed by the volunteer presence of Cindy Tutor. She can often be seen greeting parents and students in the morning and giving goodbye hugs in the afternoon.

Shorians like Julia Munger are heroes to our country now while setting school records in their past.

Miss Shoreline Scholarship Program's Miss Shoreline 2022 is Lake Shore alumna Vanessa Chambe!

It warms all of our hearts to see these acts of service and care for others. Once a Shorian, always a Shorian.

People with the character strength of humor like to laugh and bring smiles to other people.

In April some of elementary schools we will be presenting Shorians Got Talent:

Violet Elementary

Thursday, April 28th at 6:30pm

Location: Kennedy Middle School

Students, at all levels, have special talents such as singing, acting/storytelling, dancing, gymnastics, magic, slam poetry, stand up comedy, visual art, spoken word, making/creating something, yoga poses, and tricks.

Today we will share a video clip from comedian and 8th grader Kennedy Middle School Corbin Marentette.

Thank you, in advance, for sharing your passions with the Shorian Nation!

Looking forward, our upcoming character strengths are OPM - Identifying and appreciating the good in others (4/3-4/9) and Fairness (4/10-4/16).


March is Reading Month Recap

Thank you to the all 7th graders from Kennedy Middle School for serving as guest readers inside elementary classrooms this month.

In addition, Mrs. Gough and Mrs. Warunek paired 7th grade Honors ELA with 8th grade Honors Art to write and illustrate children's books. To make this activity even more authentic and exciting, these middle school classes visited our elementary schools last week where stories were shared with 1st and Kindergarten students.

In the effort to celebrate March is Women in History Month, we preselected biographies featuring inspirational and modern-day women and put them in the hands of district leaders and community members today. The following people accepted our invitation to educate our students at Violet Elementary with kid-friendly books that feature strong, successful women: Kelly Zimmerman, Jessica Lesniak-Adams, Nicolle Filipek, Meghan VanOrsdal, Elizabeth Munger, Amy Thomas-August, Alyson Hachey, and Kristi Kraus.

Meghan VanOrsdal reflected on her experience as a guest reader today. As a Little League Softball coach, she understands the importance of girls in sports.

She said, "I read She Persisted in Sports by Chelsea Clinton, a book that introduces woman athletes who excel in sports due to persistence and character. Practice and teamwork are so important." As a district, we have prioritized the Positivity Project and its 24 character strengths and this book helped to illustrate so many of them!

In addition, we had several additional guest readers stationed across the district including Miss St. Clair Shores and Miss Shoreline!

Thank you to administrators and parent volunteers which included Dr. Lewis, Dr. DiPonio, Mrs. Bross, Mrs. Rempala, Mr. Fichter, Mr. Janick, Mrs. Fergusson, Mrs. Carito and more for reading to our littlest learners inside our Lake Shore Early Childhood Center.


Classroom Cribs: Mr. Roehm's Physical Education

Today's classrooms are constantly evolving to meet the needs of our learners. Our teachers continue to ensure that these hang out spots are welcoming and brain friendly for all who enter.

Welcome to Mr. Roehm's Physical Education classroom featuring Lakeshore Lanes.

Every Friday 120 students visit this facility and play 1 person game in teams of 4-5. Each game costs $2.50 which includes bowling and shoes. From laidback and low-key to fast-paced and competitive, students determine the kind of league they will participate in based on their own team goals.

Owner Jim LaHood of Lakeshore Lanes has offered his bowling alley as a routine activity for our physical education classes. Now in its 71st year, this 16 lane establishment has been a go-to entertainment location for all ages since 1950.

"This is an awesome opportunity for kids to have a chance to be exposed to a lifelong sport in our own community," explained Mr. Roehm. At the end of the Semester, students are awarded for earning 1st-5th place finishes with extra credit.

Thank you, Mr. Roehm, and Mr. LaHood, for sharing your nontraditional classroom at Lakeshore Lanes, located next to Lake Shore High School, with all of us!

Bonus: Donovan Romita just had the first 10 strikes in class on Friday, March 4th. He ended up with a 9-spare to finish his bid for a perfect 300 game (finished with 289). Pretty cool!

Poetry Books

In Mrs. Tharme's Creativity Writing class at Lake Shore High School, students crafted Poetry Books, a home to many of their favorite 8-10 best pieces of writing that were chosen for their beauty and sound, carefully arranged as a form of expression.

Senior Bella Dalecke chose to include her Shaggy Rodgers piece, otherwise known as a fictional character in the Scooby-Doo series. "Whenever I have a bad day, I write. I love the class because my ideas are not confined to a box; I can be open with my imagination." She made it clear that Shaggy, the detective, is her calm in the storm.

Junior Aiden Bruder is passionate about World History which inspired him to include Battlefield inside his book. In three stanzas, he describes how even the most terrible wars can bring a certain amount of peace. "My dad shares a similar interest in history with me and is the inspiration behind my knowledge on this topic."

Poetry has become one of the most underutilized, and underestimated mediums in modern culture. Mrs. Tharme's students are attempting to resolve this problem.

Educational Field Trips

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World Changer Sam Reedy

On this #FacesFriday, we celebrate Sam Reedy, 2nd grader at Rodgers Elementary and winner of the Epilepsy Foundation of America’s Kids Crew 2021 World Changer Award.

This past Saturday was Epilepsy Awareness Day and we wanted to recognize Sam as a member of the Epilepsy Foundation of America's Kids Crew. The mission of the Kids Crew is get children involved in making a difference and raising awareness for people affected by epilepsy.

There are over 2,500 kids in the Kids Crew and only 32 out of that 2,500+ were bestowed this prestigious honor. In order to receive the World Changer Award, Sam had to complete eight tasks in the community that raised awareness and support for epilepsy as described by his mom, Lindsey Willette-Reedy.

She went on to describe why epilepsy is very personal to the entire family. "Sam’s youngest brother was diagnosed with a very rare form of epilepsy when he was only seven months old," she said. "We are very proud of Sam for this major accomplishment. Sam had to demonstrate several of the P2 Character Strengths while he was in the process of becoming a World Changer."

She also wanted to recognize several staff standouts. "We are very thankful for the amazing teachers, Mrs. Kelly Kiefer, Mrs. Meredith Collins, Mrs. JoMarie Ventigemla, and Mrs. Julie Pillars, who helped instill in Sam [several P2 character strengths]. These great teachers and role models along with the district’s wonderful Other People Matter mindset helped Sam become a World Changer and we are so proud of him."

Congratulations to Sam and thank you for being hope to others.

Wellness Challenge Staff Winners

Congratulations to our Wellness Challenge winners Kyrstyn Karle-Sloan and Dan Mumbrue. Ms. Karle-Sloan shared her favorite healthy recipe, Grilled Chicken Caprese, as one of several nutritious features from our staff. Mr. Mumbrue logged a cumulative total of 504,757 steps (461.99 miles) in March! Both staff members were celebrated with gift cards!

Two staff members also reached over 350,000 steps. They were Angela Legato with 414,277 steps and Cris Belanger with 355,690 steps. Well deserved mentions are given for such dedication to fitness.

Wellness comes from the balanced diet we consume into our day-to-day lives. From our staff to your stomach, please enjoy these additional healthy treats:

March Slurpee Surprise Winners

Congratulations to our March Slurpee Surprise Positivity Project Honorees:

Lake Shore Early Childhood Center

  1. Lukas Seiberling - Enthusiasm

Masonic Heights Elementary

  1. Mia Helton - Courage

  2. Hayden Tolbert - Kindness

  3. Brian Wendling - Kindness

Rodgers Elementary

  1. Cameron Kemner - Teamwork

  2. Grace Hughes - Curiosity

  3. Ann Skelly - Enthusiasm

Violet Elementary

  1. Lillie Drumb - Leadership

  2. Abraham Hernandez - Kindness

  3. Zoe Shepard - Kindness

Kennedy Middle School

  1. Jonathan McKeon - Love of Knowledge

  2. Nick Englebrink - Kindness

  3. Cenza Zerilli - Perseverance

  4. Mrs. Adamkiewicz - Enthusiasm

Lake Shore High School
  1. Seth Stemmerich - Honesty, Helpful
  2. Teraye Revis - Humor
  3. RyCo Smith - Teamwork
  4. Caylem Mitrowki - Kindness
  5. Kyle Rohloff - Respectful
  6. Dallin Carson - Kindness

North Lake High School

  1. Andiea Prindle - Kindness

Thank you, building principals, for your sweet deliveries sometime this week! Because of Store Owners Kayla-Ann Catellier and Virgil Johnson's generosity from 7-Eleven store #27162, these are BOGO slurpees!

Lake Shore Public Schools Slurpee Surprise

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