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CheckThisOut! Multimedia Subscription Service

The ERS Library & Multimedia Center offers its FREE CheckThisOut! service to the teachers & staff of our contracting schools. Sign up to receive CheckThisOut! kits (random or customized) and once a month our ERS Library Team will select 4 - 10 items especially for you then deliver them to your campus. We'll include extras like Teaching Books flyers with links to lesson plans & author interviews, and links to extra content in the ERS Portal. Look the materials over, share them with your students and, if you choose, rate/review them in our Follett Destiny online catalog.

For more information, and theCheckThisOut! sign-up link, click here.

An Evening with Dr. Dana Suskind

Monday, Sep. 19th, 7pm

The Fox Theater, Visalia

Admission $10.00

In her book, Thirty Million Words: Building a Child’s Brain, and presentations, Dr. Suskind details the critical importance of early language exposure on a developing child’s brain and encourages parents to take an active role in this development. Drawing on her own experiences with patients and compelling neuroscience research on brain plasticity, Dr. Suskind explains that the most important thing one can do for a child’s future success in life doesn’t have to cost anything–it is to talk with him or her.

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