Javien Ray goals

Mrs.Cannada's 5th grade 2015

my strengths and weakness

My strengths in school is social studies.Social studies is my strength because i enjoy studies that.My weakness is math because i am a visual.math is my weakness because i have to think a lot

GOALS!!!for this YEAR

My language art goal is to spell better.I will work on this by practicing.

My social studies goal is to get more A's.I will work on this by studying

My science goal is to pay attention more.I will work on this by listening

My math goal is to not to get distracted.I will work on this by keeping my eyes on my paper

Personal Goal

My personal goal is to get two A B honor roll.I will work on this by getting more A's and studying.Another goal i have is to be more respectful to my teachers.I will work on this by being more nice

Who Can Help Me?

My teachers can help me by giving study guides.Another thing that can help is my homework.My homework can help me by studying it

What Might Distract Me?

What might be a distraction might be talking.Another Distraction is looking around the room.Those are some distractions