Skin Cancer

By Donovan Massey

Ways to get skin cancer.

Most cases of skin cancer are cause by being the sun way too long with no sun blocked or no UVA protection.


Moles that change shape.

Sores that don't heal.

Moles start growing.

Irritation of the skin.

Long term Heath Effects

Skin cancer will make faster ageing of the skin and spots on the skin.

If not treated. The skin cancer can get in people's organs and make them stop.

If that happens, then the person will die.

How to treat skin cancer.

The person needs to go to a doctor to look at the spots closely. They will tell the person that they will have to cut around the spot and under the skin until no more skin cancer is in that spot, but after that they send some of the skin under the spot to get test to make sure there is no more skin cancer there.