The Game of Life Project

By Keilan Kilby

Story at Age 25

  • My highest level of education was an Under Graduate Degree
  • I work the manager of Starbucks
  • I chose to be a Starbucks Manager because I love their caramel frappe's
  • My annual salary is $48,564
  • I am single
  • I chose to be single so I can I have more freedom
  • I have 0 kids
  • I drive a 2014 Camaro
  • I live in an apartment with my best friend since High School
  • We live in The Venue Apartment in Denton TX

The picture explains why I am not a mom... obviously she had a bad day

Lets Continue

Educational Path

  • I went to Devry University.
  • My college cost was $26,609.
  • I am a Starbucks manager that makes $48,564 per year.

Lets Go On

Monthly Bills

House Payment:$282.50

Car Payment:$682.88




Car Insurance:$115

Home/Renters Insurance:$90

Student Loans:$184.78

Health Insurance:$120

Fun things:$133.50

Emergency Fund:$400

I do NOT have an electricity or a Water\Trash bill because on the website it was included... So is cable and Netflix.

Total Monthly Income:$4047

Total Bills:11

Total Going Into Savings:$1602,34


The most challenging part for me was trying to find out the car insurance.

The best part was finding out where to live.

The three things I felt I gained was Excitement, Nervous, and happy.

The thing surprising to me was how many bills there were.

I chose to live with my best friend because we can half the bills.

I ended up putting $1,602.34 in my savings per month, because of my life choices.

My Apartment

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