Orchestra Concert

Help spread music through out our community.

Pop Strings music...

The Pop Strings group will be playing do different songs. The first song is "21 Guns" by the artist Green Day. The second song will be the "Game of Thrones" theme song. Though they have very few similarities, they still hold a strong emotional meaning.
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7th Grade music...

The 7th Graders will be playing Sahara Crossing. This song will be dedicated to the less fortunate. It's a symbol of hope that things will get better this year.

Meaning behind the 8th grade music...

For our concert we picked the music we did because we wanted to acknowledge the fact that we understand the difficulties within the world. The disputes across the world aren't just affecting the people directly involved, but it also hurts us to know that those people are suffering. We dedicate "Postcards From Russia" and "Hopak Dance" to the fighting going on between Russia and Ukraine. Our song "Desert Sands" is going out to the people that are being effected by the civil war in Syria and Iraq. Our Final song is "African Blessing", we play this to do what we can to send our love and hope to the families in Africa that are less fortunate, or may have even lost someone to ebola.

Wednesday, Dec. 10th, 7pm

8222 S 51st St

Franklin, WI


7:00-Pop strings

7:10-7th Graders

7:15-8th Graders

7:25-7th and 8th Graders together

7:45-High Schoolers