Algeria Health

An Analysis of Health and Health Services

At first glance...

Algeria, located in northern Africa, has a population of 37,100,000 people. Here is a brief overview of the countries health:

- The average life expectancy in the country is around 74-75 with females living more than 4 years longer at ~76.5

- There are about 25 infant deaths for every 1000 live births.

- The leading causes of mortality are cardiovascular disease, cancers and various commutative conditions


At second glance...

- In Algeria there is only one doctor for every 1000 population and 2.1 beds for every 1000

- Unclean water and poor sanitation has raised the number of instances of tuberculosis, hepetitis, measles, typhoid fever, cholera and dysentery

- Overall, Algeria is not overly health, being ranked at 81 by the WHO but it is a lot better than many other countries worldwide

Now some facts relating to the country that may infulence health:

- On average, Algerian children complete 13 years of schooling - keep in mind that different educational systems work differently.

- Generally, Algeria is ranked in the high 40's for Gross Domestic Product in a worldwide assessment.

- The algerian government has in place many programs designed to help prevent conditions relating to many lifestyle choices (excluding alcohol)