Grassland Survival

Learn how to live only on the supplies you have.

What is a grassland like?

A grassland is an area that is mainly made up of different grasses and flowers. It's temperatures can be anywhere from -40*F to 70*F. It all just depends on when you are there.

Will You Be Able To Survive?

All you need to do this is food, water, and shelter


In this biome you could have two different kinds of shelter. You could drag over pieces of the plane and set them up together to create a shelter. You could also do the longer way by building a dirt dome, but you have to make it really sturdy or it will fall.

Food and Water

Every human needs water to survive. It is essential to live. To find water in this biome you have to find some sort of water source. Then get a piece of cotton from a suitcase and filter the water with it. For food you could eat animals, such as prairie dogs, bugs or any slow moving animal. You could also eat herbs or other plants.


My habitat has many different kinds of animals. Some of them are nice but some others are not so nice. Some of the animals you might want to watch out for are: coyotes, bobcats, and maybe even a bumble bee if you are allergic.


This habitat is mainly made up of producers. Some that could be helpful are herbs such as, milkweed. These herbs can give you something to eat and they are easier to get than meat.

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