Alder Weekly Update

Week of November 3, 2019


Ms. Watts' English Classes

This week, in Mrs. Watts' 7th Grade English class, the students were challenged to work together in order to complete the digital Escape Room for the novel, Fever, 1793. The students had a great time figuring out all of the codes!

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Ms. DelGaizo's Science Classes

Purple Team Science students were catching some SLINKY WAVES this week to experience Wave Action!

Ms. Marshall's Math Classes

On Wednesday in Ms. Marshall's Math classes, the students participated in Breakout EDU! Students were to solve math puzzles and problems to open the lockboxes, and be the first to solve all the problems and open the big box!


Student Council Elections

Congratulations to our newly elected Student Council Officers!

President - Laine Elliott

Vice President - Osariemen Unuigbe

Secretary - Aniyah Parker

Treasure - Kimora Spellman

Immunity Ticket Winners

Congratulations to this week’s Immunity Ticket winners!

Aniyah Parker, Monica Eskandar, Sean Holloway (not pictured), and Alyssa Martinolich (not pictured).

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Survivor Staffulty of the Month

Congratulations to our Staffulty of the Month! Thanks for all you do!!

Ms. Riis - Semptember

Ms. Boyle - October

Community Pride

Not All Heroes Wear Capes - Veterans' Day Celebration

Once again, Ms. Wenzel organized a wonderful presentation and luncheon for our Hometown Heroes! Thank you to the veterans who took the time to speak to our students, and for all the staff who made the day so wonderful!
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Fall Sports Update

Girls' Soccer - The Alder Girls Soccer team finished their season with a big win over Millville 7-0 and with a final record of 7 wins and 3 losses. Scoring for the girls were Allyssa Martinolich, Angelina Horin, and Peyton Ballard. Providing the shutout in goal were Callie Adkisson and Kyra Pickart. Also playing outstanding in the game were Sabrina Little, Izzy Patel, Darcy Sanchez, and Maya Per. The end of the season awards go as follows: Most improved-Kyra Pickart, Sportsmanship- Dallas Allhiser, and MVP-Angelin Horin. Great job on an awesome season ladies! Good luck to all 8th graders in high school and returning 7th graders next year!

Field Hockey - The Field Hockey team ended the season with a record of 2-4-2. This season, the two Coach's Awards went to Gabrielle Hiltner and Madison Summer​. Together, the two led the offence and worked so well together both on and off of the field. Lastly, the Sportsmanship award went to Angelina Petracci. Ang was an absolute pleasure to coach always helped out whenever she could. She was always respectable to her teammates, her coach as well as the other team.

Cross Country - Final Stats for the Cross Country Team:

Boys 3 wins , 2 losses

Xavier Fedeli MVP

Reed Orbach MIP

Zach Cozart Sportsmanship