Coaching Corner

Volume 2 / Issue 3: Inclusive

The 21st Century Educator

This year I will be focusing on the 10 essential characteristics of a 21st Century Educator (thank you, George Couros).

For this Coaching Corner we will be focusing on being Reflective.

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It is important that in education and innovation, we sit down and reflect on our process.


By: George Couros

What worked? What didn’t? What could we do next time? If we started again, what would we do differently? What can we build upon? It is important that in education and innovation, we sit down and reflect on our process. This last point is definitely lacking in many aspects of education as we are always “trying to get through the curriculum”, yet reflection is probably the most important part of education as the connections we make on our own is where deep learning happens.

Taken from: The Principal of Change by George Couros

What's your purpose again? What's the impact you want to have with your life? What's one thing you can do every day to bring you closer to honoring that purpose? - Anese Cavanaugh

Reflective: Purpose

As we end the year, this is the time when burnout really starts to creep up. It is important to take time for yourself. Yes, you. Burnout happens when the work becomes work instead of it fulfilling your purpose. We all went into teaching because we had a strong sense of purpose to change lives or make a difference or whatever. What is your purpose? Take a moment to reflect on that. What's the impact you want to have with your life? What's one thing you can do to bring you closer to honoring that purpose?

I recently started waking up 15 minutes earlier so that I could squeeze a small workout in the morning. Taking time and honoring myself has allowed me to be better at being me, so that I can be in service of others.

A lot of scientific evidence suggests that the difference between those who succeed and those who don't is not the brains they were born with, but their approach to life, the messages they receive about their potential, and the opportunities they have to learn. - Jo Boaler

Reflective: Exit Tickets in Math

As we make reflection more apart of our practice, it is important to incorporate this in the classroom as well. Jo Boaler writes about using exit tickets in math in order for students to reflect and really think about math. Check out the video above about the key messages students need to have in order to learn math.

Math Exit Tickets <-----resource

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Reflective: ELD

Take a moment to reflect on your English Language Learners this year. Reflect on your Integrated and Designated ELD. What have been some successes this year? What is one little thing that you can change to end the year strong?
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Reflective: Readers and Writers Workshop

Your readers and writers have grown so much this year. Take some time to have them reflect on their growth. Talk to them about where they are and ask them how they would like to end the year. Set a goal for ending the year.
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Reflective: Makerspace and Design Thinking

As we end the year, consider taking the students through the design thinking process. Check out the image below. Notice the importance of reflection, collaboration, and metacognition. Want to try it with your students? The Makerspace Haiku page has some great ideas.
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Keepin' It Real

Because a little kindness can change everything. I often think about this throughout the day. If we take a moment to smile or check in with staff members or students, then it can go a long way.

Kristy Andre

Kristy Andre, Ed.D. is an ISTE Emerging Leader (Class of 2014), Google for Education Certified Trainer, Apple Teacher, Tech Nerd, Instructional Coach.