the battle begins for revenge


In 1836 the Alamo belong to Texas the state Mexicans wants to take back the Alamo so they went to go to the Alamo to take revenge to take back the safe place.So they walked to the Alamo. while they walked the Texans knew that the Mexicans were coming they blow up the cannon than the battle begins thousands of Mexicans more than 500 Mexicans were dead the battle lasted a few days instead a few hours.Mexicans were starting to lose but 1 day the Texans were starting to lose!!. after a few days the Mexicans won by blowing up more cannons and with Santa Anna the president of mexico but Texas was still a state ,but behind Travis was holding the Alamo just a few days he became the commander but he still wants to be strong for Texas. so 1,2 or 3 years later the Mexicans were in a random place. the Texans were walking were the Mexicans were at chilling and NAPPING!!! so the Texans had a chance to kill them.But there was another Texan team it was Sam Houston they were the other side of the Mexicans sleeping the Texans were going in front of the Mexicans then one of the soldiers said screaming"REMEMBER THE ALAMO". The Mexicans waked up slowly than killed the Mexicans before alerting.But they didn't killed Santa Anna . So they took him to (you know that they took people to the thing were the people wright the cards to set them free or go to jail)to prison so after all of that Sam Houston was the president of the state TEXAS.
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