Grade Four Newsletter

SJI International Elementary School, Singapore

Summer Term - Week 2 Mon 11th Apr - Fri 15th Apr 2016

Language Arts

In writing this week, the students have started planning their own Fantasy Quest story. They have planned their own characters through drawing, describing and discussing their various heroes and villains. The students have viewed images, read fantasy quest stories and written descriptive snapshots about a number of different fantasy settings. The planning and brainstorming of their own stories have been enjoyed by all students. They are all very excited to start writing!

This week in reading, the students have been focusing on understanding how the setting and atmosphere is described and written about in Fantasy Quest stories. The reciprocal group reading approach allows for deeper discussion and comprehension about the texts they are studying. The students have been completing comprehension and response activities, based on the books they are reading in small groups and as a whole class.


This week in maths has been all about multiplying decimals.

The children started off the week by making links with their existing knowledge of multiplication to multiply decimals mentally. For example, they learned that by knowing that 3 x 6 = 18, they can calculate 0.3 x 6 = 1.8.

The children then moved on to written methods and quickly realised that, just like with addition and subtraction, they must ensure that the decimal points are aligned and the digits are in the correct place (determined by their value) to be successful.

Our week ended with the children being challenged to apply all of their knowledge and skill to solving word problems that involve the multiplication of decimals. It is this step, along with their reflections that really develops a real understanding of the concepts and methods.

A really busy week in maths in which the children have had to show real diligence and purposefulness in their learning. Well done guys!

Next week, we focus on the division of decimals.


During our Entry Point last week, the children were asked to design a calendar for 2017 that represented the natural beauty of planet Earth. This was a timed activity but fortunately cooperation, creativity and excellence were in surplus. The published copies were most pleasing. Three calendars in particular stood out and these children are pictured below. Well done to all for their purposefulness and teamwork!

This week in IPC, the children have been learning about the world's major biomes. In groups, the children were tasked with becoming experts in one particular biome. Some of the areas they have researched included climate and weather patterns, physical features as well as plants and animals and how they survive in such environments. The children are using their cooperation to create a poster to reflect their learning and they will present it to the class.

We are looking forward to experiencing a wetlands biome first hand next week on our trip to Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve. Our experienced guides will lead us around the area where we will investigate the geographical features, plants and animals in this environment.

Upcoming House Swimming Gala - Friday 6th May

There will be 6 Events: 25m Freestyle/ 25m Backstroke/ 25m Breaststroke/ 25m Butterfly/ 50m Freestyle/ 50m Butterfly

During PE swim lessons, the children are selecting 3 of the 6 events on offer.

They are being timed during the lesson for seeding purposes as well as being taught the correct starts, finishes and turns of the different strokes.

Home Learning - Summer Term Week 3

Please seek permission from your parents or caregiver at home, before attempting to access any given websites shown.

Home learning is moving to the VLE - please don't forget to login to

Language Arts


This week, we will be looking at words that contain Silent letters.

Silent letters are letters that you can't hear when you say the word, but that are there when you write the word.

Words to be learnt this week; thumb, campaign, fascinating, handkerchief, characteristic, knowledgeable, condemn, mnemonic, mechanical, scissors

High Frequency words: language, shoulder, attached, delicious, leisure


Read a 'Just Right' book for 20 minutes or more each evening. Share and discuss with family members what you have read. Practice reading aloud in front of your family members using clear projection, fluency and expression.


Mathematics: The Four Operations of Decimals

Mon - Shaping Maths Activity Book 4B Part 1 Pages: 69-70

Tue - Shaping Maths Activity Book 4B Part 1 Pages: 71-74

Wed - Shaping Maths Activity Book 4B Part 1 Pages: 75-76

Thu - Shaping Maths Activity Book 4B Part 1 Pages: 77-78

The following websites contain a range of games and activities to support our learning;


The Structure of the Earth: The home learning for the next two weeks is to research the structure of the Earth and display findings in a medium of choice. For example, this could be as a report or a poster or a model.

Due date: Friday 22nd April

Virtue of the Week


Commitment is caring deeply about something or someone.

It is the willingness to give your all to a friendship, a task or something you believe in.

It is the ability to make decisions and follow through on them.

It is keeping your promises.

Looking Ahead

Tue 19 April - 4ABa & 4 SDa Field Trip to Sungai Buloh

Wed 20 Apr - 4ABo & 4 JKa Field Trip to Sungai Buloh

Sat 23 Apr - SJII Garage sale

Sat 23 Apr - ACSIS Track & Field Finals

Tue 26 Apr - Building Children of Character workshop 1

Tue 26 Apr - Principal's open coffee morning

Fri 29 Apr - Poem in your Pocket day

Tue 3 May - Building Children of Character workshop 2

Thu 5 May - Ascension Day Mass

Fri 6 May - G4 Swim Gala

Tue 10 May - Building Children of Character workshop 3

Fri 13 May - Founder's Day Mass

Fri 13 May - School closes early for Founder's Day

Fri 20 May - Family Picnic and Movie Night

Tue 24 - Fri 27 May - G4 Expedition to Kulim Eco Resort


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