to be happy is to live a full life

Dallin Shafer period 4/5

Analysis of the development of the theme

Freak is crippled and he knows he's not going to live very long. So he try's his best to make the most of what time he has. He is always positive, and he is a good friend. he is also a genius "the dictionary" as Max would say.

Example from the book: even though freak wasn't feeling well he still wanted to go on quests. He was always positive even tho he knew he new he wasn't going to live a long life.

Reflection and application of the theme

I think the theme is true because still today there are people like freak. To have a good life you need to be happy. A happy life is a good life. Freak was always positive. He had fun in his life so he had a happy life. In my life I am positive and I know that to have a good life you have to be happy. I know that when people are negative There usually unhappy. When you are unhappy you don't really live a full life because you don't want to do any thing in life.


Max is the son of a Criminal. He befriends this crippled boy named Keven. But people call him freak. They go on quests, fight dragons and have fun together. One night max gets kid napped and freak comes to save him. Together they become Freak the Mighty! One day freak is in the hospital and he is going to get the "secret operation".Max comes to check on Freak but when he gets there Freak is no longer there!

Freak the mighty