Earthing and Grounding Shoes: OMG

The Benefits Of Earthing and Grounding Shoes: Pretty Amazing

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Earthing and Grounding Shoes

Earthing is probably one of the most overlooked aspects of human health. When this is restored by simply wearing a pair of earthing shoes, individuals report impressive improvement in various ailments affecting them. In fact, the changes are often rapid, occurring within 30 minutes or less.

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Important Facts to Note

By no means should earthing be considered a cure or treatment for any disease or disorder. However, it can be equivocally stated that the human specie evolved in contact with the ground, and as such, should try as much as possible to maintain that natural contact with the ground. If this link is missing, the body won’t function optimally.

What is Earthing?

How Modern Shoes (apart from earthing/grounding shoes) Affect One’s Health

Some materials like metal are good electrical conductors. Metal contains free mobile electrons that transport electrical charges from point A to B.

On the other hand, the human body is conducive in the sense that it carries a huge amount of charged ions (also known as electrolytes) in body fluid. This means that blood and water inside the body are also good conductors. Because of this, mobile electrons can freely move in the human body.

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Nevertheless, other materials which are also known as insulators do not conduct electricity. For instance, rubber and plastic are good non-conductors of electricity – the reason why they are used to cover electric wiring so they do not come into contact with one another.

Also, rubber or plastic is used to cover electric wiring to avoid cases of electrocution.

Traditionally, shoes have been manufactured using leather. Leather is a good conductor of electrons, thus shoes made of leather establish the link between the body and the earth. However, modern rubber and plastic are excellent insulators. If used in the making of shoes (which is the case), it blocks the beneficial flow of electrons from the earth to the body.

The Health Benefits of Making Earthing Shoes a Lifestyle

The ultimate goal of wearing such shoes is to allow this natural flow of electrons to take place between the earth and the body. So far, scientific research and hypothesis has established a strong relationship between earth charges and inflammatory processes happening in the body.

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The human body has been designed to heal on itself by means of delivering Reactive Oxygen Species or ROS to the site of the injury using white blood cells. And even though ROS is very effective in accomplishing their task, they can biochemically react and cause damage to healthy body tissues of individuals.

ROS are positively charged molecules, and because of this, these molecules need to be neutralized to avoid diffusing into healthy body tissues.

This is one reason why people need an abundant supply of negative charges in their body. They could take foods rich in antioxidants such as taxanthin. However, regular supply of negative charges from the earth is more important than anything else.

Thankfully, nature has solved this problem by making sure a conducive medium for transporting charges from the feet to the entire body is available. At least this has been the ideal setup ever since man appeared on this planet. The earth has always been there to provide negative charges that would go into the body to prevent ROS from damaging healthy tissues.

The Problem and Wow It Can Be Solved

The ideal setup created by nature was been disturbed with the introduction of shoes with rubber and plastic soles. Also, the introduction of furniture items such as wooden beds, seats and the rest has made it extremely difficult for people to maintain this contact with the ground. During the day, people walk with insulated shoes. At night, they spend hours sleeping in an insulated bed.

Researchers have now studied physiological stress by measuring various aspects of the condition and possible aggravators. Findings show that people who are more grounded (i.e. those who wear earthing shoes or generally stay in contact with the ground) are less stressed and more relaxed than those who don’t.

Also, the measurements used by researchers have demonstrated a turn from sympathetic to parasympathetic action in addition to increased heart beat variability and reduced muscular tension.

And irrespective of whether or not earthing shoes reduce exposure to environmental fields, all studies affirm that grounding/earthing does not stress the body in any way. In fact, grounding reduces every kind of stress that the body may experience.