Ms. Arellano's Class

Get to know more about me...and the class!

Welcome to Kindergarten!

Welcome to my Kindergarten class! My name is Donna Arellano and this is my first year teaching. I recently graduated from the University of Houston and am highly excited about meeting you and your kindergartner. I hope we can work together for the success of your student and get to learn from each other along this exciting new journey. Please feel free to contact me at or 012-345-6789 if you have any comments, questions, or concerns. Go Care Bears!

The Rules

As with any classroom, there are certain rules and policies to be followed to ensure your kindergartner's success.

My classroom requires students to be respectful, kind, and for them to stay on task. Failure to follow my rules will result in loss of recess and/or misconduct grade.

The school requires students to always come to school with their uniform, shirts tucked in, and IDs visible. Failure to comply with any of the school's policies will result in a referral.

Meet Your Little Poet!

Next week, the class will read and sing along to the 5 Senses poem along with other senses poems. They will also learn to create their very own! Please anticipate your little poet's work during the next two weeks and see him/her recite their work with greater fluency and rhythm.

Field Trip Reminder

This is a reminder about next month's field trip to the Care Zoo. Please make sure to sign your child's permission form by the end of the month and include your $7 fee. If you are planning on packing lunch, please make sure to fill out the attached form. If you have any questions, please send me an email.

Ms. Arellano's Kinder Highlights

Debby Sweet won an award for her outstanding 5 Senses poem! Please be sure to congratulate her.

Ryan Cool's pet parrot was voted on for best Show-and-Tell of the week! Please be sure to congratulate him.

Sandy Oaks achieved perfect attendance for the third week this month! Please be sure to congratulate her.

Johnny River and Jenny Oaks mastered the shapes this week! Please be sure to congratulate them.

Do not worry if your student did not get recognized this week. There is always next week. Work hard together and you can achieve anything.