Bath Salts

By: Meelah 7B6

What is Bath salts?

'Bath salts' are a powdered drug that resembles white sugar, that contains at least one amphetamine-type substance. Most often methylenedioxypyrovalerone, better known as MDPV. It can also be methylone or mephedrone. The drug can be smoked, snorted or injected. With all designer drugs, each batch is different in it's cocktail of chemicals and composition.

September 26, 2012, the key ingredient in bath salts, MDPV, has been banned from Canada.

Common terms

  • Ivory wave
  • Vanilla sky
  • Bliss
  • Blue silk
  • White dove

Effects on the body

'Bath salts' speed up the central nervous system, like crystal meth and other methamphetamine-based drugs. Sped up nervous systems and blood pressures, cause palpitations and other cardiac rhythm problems. In addition to an increase in energy and alertness, the user is also at considerable risk of hallucinations, paranoia, etc.


Increases risk of:
  • heart attack
  • kidney failure
  • liver failure
  • suicide
Considerable risk of:

  • severe anxiety
  • panic attacks
  • violent behavior
  • hallucinations
  • paranoia