Benozzo Gozzoli

Born and raised in Florence, Italy.

Gozzoli's life.

Benozzo Gozzoli lived from either 1420 or 1421 until 1497. He lived in Florence, Italy most of his life. For Gozzoli's training he worked under Donatello in the painting of the Medici palace. He had 7 children.

His work

Gozzoli is most famous for his paintings, although he has created some sculptures and drawings. The Medici family, Pope Nicholas V, and the Commune of Pisa were his patrons."While many 20th-century critics have considered Benozzo a lesser master, his popularity--and the survival of many of his works, if in damaged condition, from a period in which so much has perished--reveal his importance to our understanding of the Renaissance."(International Dictionary of Arts and Artists 50)

Some of his most famous paintings

Three wise men

Benozzo Gozzoli's painting

This is "We three kings". It was started in 1459. It took a total of 150 full days to paint. This painting was on of the fist to be influenced by international goth. This is one of three paintings in this specific collection. The three paintings collectively tell a story. This isn't the fist painting that tells a story of the three kings or has international Gothic influences, but it is the most famous. This painting represents the youngest of the kings.(Casasantapia 27) In this painting there are portraits of the members of the Medici family there is also a self portrait of him in there. This painting represents secularism because there is no evidence of religion.

Bennozzo Gozzoli