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Movie Review

An Emotional Love Story...

Delirium is a beautifully told love story based on the book by Lauren Oliver.The plot takes place in a "near future" community, Portland Maine, and the whole world believes that love is a disease. Lena Haloway is an ideal citizen in the community, and wants nothing but the procedure that will keep her safe from love, called the cure.. But as the date for her cure is approaches, she finds that what she know and believes will forever be changed by one person, Alex.

"You know you cant be happy unless your unhappy sometimes, right?" - Lauren Oliver

Advise Article

Carolyn Hax: Stopping it Before it Spreads

Dear Carolyn:

My friend has been exhibiting some very suspicious signs. She has been more outspoken and independent, and has been very disruptive in school. And just the other day, she said that she wanted more of a choice in the pairing process. I mean, think about the chaos that would be caused. I am worried about her, and I'm afraid that there is a possibility that she could have deliria. She is my best friend, and I don't want anything to happen to her.

- Concerned Friend

Concerned Friend:

Be careful. Just talk to her, maybe there is something going on that you don't know, and what she is saying could mean something different than how your taking it. But I would still be cautious, and watch her behavior closely, and is she shows any signs, please contact someone immediately.

- Carolyn


Ruby McNally: A Charming Girl, with Surprising Symtoms

Ruby with her clarinet, going to a school concert.

Ruby McNally, a talented musician at Darcy High School died yesterday at the age of 17, reportedly showing signs of deliria. Earlier this year, it is said that with her friends, she seemed preoccupied, and lost interest in her schooling and activities. Three months prior to this event, according to her family, Ruby didn't sleep, eat, and had extreme behavioral issues. After 2 futile attempts of the cure, yesterday she commited suicide, and her body was sadly found by her parents. If you have any information about a friend, and loved one concerning deliria, please call 1-800-INFO

Feature Article


As most of Portland should know, during evaluations, a few days ago, a herd of cows came thundering into the labs, disrupting the building. This event was caused by a mix-up with a truck full of cattle, intended for the slaughterhouse, and a shipment of pharmaceuticals. Resulting in the ridiculous chaos.Since this occurred, all the evaluations are to be rescheduled , and everyone is to receive a new evaluation date.

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QUIZ: Do You Have Deliria?

(NOTE: Do take this quiz seriously)

Are you experiencing;

  • preoccupation; difficulty focusing dry mouth
  • perspiration, sweaty palms fits of dizziness and disorientation
  • reduced mental awareness; racing thoughts; impaired reasoning skills

  • periods of euphoria; hysterical laughter and heightened energy
  • periods of despair; lethargy
  • changes in appetite; rapid weight loss or weight gain fixation
  • loss of other interests
  • compromised reasoning skills; distortion of reality
  • disruption of sleep patterns; insomnia or constant fatigue
  • obsessive thoughts and actions
  • paranoia; insecurity
  • difficulty breathing pain in the chest, throat, or stomach
  • difficulty swallowing; refusal to eat
  • complete breakdown of rational faculties; erratic behavior; violent thoughts and fantasies; hallucinations and delusions
  • emotional or physical paralysis (partial or total)