harry potter

and the goblet of fire

The magic is back!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is the 4th book/movie of the famous series by J.K. Rowling. The film is directed by Mike Newell and produced by David Heyman. It raised more than US$ 869 million around the world, becoming one of the 30 movies with the bigger box office.

Let the games begin

At this book, Harry, who is 14 now, is chosen to participate of the Triwizard Tournament with 2 others schools of magic. But this fact causes confusion and doubt, because only one wizard of which school is allowed to participate of this tournament. Cedric Diggory from Hufflepuff was already chosen by the goblet of fire, but, if it decided to call Potter, he must participate of the games. After all, Harry sees yourself into another dangerous adventure, where the devil is closer than never.

meeting the arenas

Most part of the story happens at Hogwarts and places around it, like the Quidditch Arena and the Lake. Which exam of the tour is in a different place, making the story more interesting and amusing.

the characters

Harry, Hermonie and Rony still together at this jorney. New people get into the story like Cedric Diggory, the smart and cool guy from Hufflepuff; Fleur, the sweet girl who's representing the Beauxbatons at the games and Victor Krum, the strong and tough guy from the other school. There're more characters involved, but they are the principal ones.

the trailer

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - Official Trailer [2005] [720p HD]

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